Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Missionary Focus of RGBI Students

No big in depth post here, but I just wanted to say that there is DEFINITELY a missionary focus to this campus here at RGBI. Not just with the language school students, not just with the staff, but with the Bible students as well.

I think one thing that helps everyone keep a global focus is that there are people here from all over the world, NOT just Mexico and South America but also Europe and Asia.
Josué, a bible student from Argentina.

Language student on left headed to Spain. Language student on right
headed to South America.

Another reason I think there is such a global focus is because there are people here who have served all over the world. The wealth of experience and knowledge of the professors and staff here is great. This is something I will hopefully benefit from and learn more about as I serve here.

Third and last reason I see for such a global focus is that these students and staff GO all over the world with the Gospel as part of their Bible school training. Between April and August most of these students will be scattering around the world with the Gospel, learning what it means to serve the church and to take the Light to where there is darkness.

I look forward to learning more of the process of how these mission trips and teams are formed, how the vision is formed and carried out. So far I know that part of the process is that the student or team of students needs a picture to submit which will also be used on their Prayer Cards for the trip. 

This team of four students asked me if I could take their picture... ...that they needed from me that night because they had to send it in in the morning... ...and that one of the students was supposed to be running the Koinonia (Coffee shop) at the moment so we had about 5 minutes to get the picture taken! Fun challenge!
They decided on the picture with the flags for their prayer card. 

Team of students headed for Burma Asia for their summer missions trip. 

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  1. Awesome post and pictures Billy! Such a blessing to see some of what God is doing to advance His kingdom.