Friday, February 10, 2017

I am Learning Spanish! At the RGBI Language School!

Early morning before school outside our front door. 

La Escuela del idioma! We are learning Spanish every day. Some days it feels impossible and like we'll never be able to speak Spanish fluently and some days Sarah and I feel very encouraged and that we are actually making some headway (though these days are often different days for us because we tend to be encouraged by different things). One big encouragement for me is that this school has worked for almost everyone that has gone through it seems. I can see the Spanish speakers it has produced and if has worked for so many others it has got to work for me, right? 

I need to remember to be trusting in Christ, looking to Jesus the founder and Perfecter of our faith as I was reminded yesterday by a fellow language student (Mark Perry). If He wants me to learn Spanish than I will, and I will continue to strive to be working for the Lord and not for man (which includes not working for myself).  

We have dialogues that we memorize and then speak with another student
and our pronunciation and fluidity are graded. 

Phonetic Lab. Everyone has their areas of struggle!
Actually Savannah has very good pronunciation and is just being a great
 sister in law here. lol! 
I have taken to getting up super early (to me 4am is just about as early as it gets) trying to get my homework (tarea) done and making sure I have my daily Bible reading. It seems to help to have a couple hour head start on the day. I need the focus and encouragement from the Word and homework seems to (so far) get done better in the morning than night. 

The School works hard on training us to speak correctly. All these years growing up I thought that the Spanish and English alphabets were basically the same with some additional sounds and few sounds that were different... NOPE! The Spanish alphabet is actually a completely different set of sounds. And if I don't want to sound like a gringo then I have to approach it like that. Throw out all the the English sounds and relearn all your sounds from the start... kind of like a baby does. lol! It is hard but they are training us daily and I feel like my Spanish mouth is finally being born! ...slowly slowly. Poco a poco. 

My fiend Walter leading worship at our chapel meeting (they are every Tue. and Thur.)

The family in Christ here is an encouragement and an inspiration and makes me want to contribute to what the Lord is doing here. The students are very very involved in the ministry of RGBI. They all take initiative to lead and serve in different areas, helping lead worship, devotions, missionary club, prayer meetings, mission projects and more. And I think RGBI is very wise ask them to and to shepard them as they do serve and lead. Missionary club is so much more practical than what I think of as a missionary club. They meet in the coffee shop on Fridays and I think the basic idea is "How can we serve and assist missionaries on the field? How can we get ourselves and each other to the field effectively, both short term and long term? How can we pray?" Many of the students and also the staff have plans in place for going to the mission field in the near future. 

I haven't been taking as many pictures as I would like to or have been asked to just because of how much work learning Spanish takes for me. I did take my camera with me to school two days (so I had my camera bag slung over on top of my backpack of books) and I will be helping with some photo and video projects that are coming. Pray for me that I will wisely balance the work of learning Spanish with beginning to serve RGBI with photography and video. 

Dios los bendiga!

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