Saturday, January 14, 2017

First Day of Language School at RGBI 1/9/2017

We survived the first day!

Actually it was really awesome! Barely scratching the surface of what is to come I feel like. Very excited though! We do like this place and the Lord was very good to us this first day. He is already working on my sin of frustration and making me realize that I need to trust him more every second of the day. I need to care more about others in the every second and less about myself. Saying this all now I think will help me some as we go along.

Anyway, we dropped the babies off at daycare. They totally loved it and were totally worn out when we picked them up at noon. I think they will be happy to go back tomorrow. 

We went to our orientation (I with a GoPro strapped to my chest which drew some attention every once in a while).
We got our school pictures taken. Actually, I got to take the pictures of the new language school students! That was a cool way to meet everyone and start trying to learn their names. One of the timelapse videos is of the school pictures session.
We got our books from the book store. We had a meet and greet with all the other language school students and a bunch of the staff. We paid our money for tutors, daycare, housing deposit, maintenance fee, etc., all kinds of stuff. lol!
On that note, the Lord has definitely been providing financially through all of you who have been supporting us faithfully through giving and prayers. Thank you so much!

Just a warning. It is not the absolutely most exciting video ever. But if you want to see some of the campus and what the place looked like and what our crazy day was like here you go!

The day was very beautiful, much nicer than the last few days of cold. 

This first week of school is mostly orientation. Next week will start our regular schedule of classes. We will begin meeting with our tutors during the afternoons starting next week and also chapel services start next week. 

Thank you all so much for your prayers! We do feel the Lord is at work here and NOT just in us but in all kinds of people around us as well! One of our neighbors are language students with us getting ready to go to Spain as missionaries and on the other side of us is a family from Mexico who were serving in Turkey and are here for the Bible college of RGBI and will be returning to Turkey after they graduate. 

The Lord is at work in His people and around the world and we are His people being sent around the world. His kingdom to come will be glorious!

HEY! Pray we learn Spanish!!!

Video chat with Grandma