Monday, December 12, 2016

Pastor John Breshears and the Church in Warsaw

This is Pastor John Breshears and his wife Virginia. John pastors a small church family that meets in his home. The stories he can tell of the Lord's goodness and faithfulness in saving souls, his own and many other, are a wonderful wonderful testimony. 

 We spent the night with them at their farm house north of Quincy Illinois Saturday night so we got visit and talk and hear more than we did last time we visited, and I am glad we did. The blessing was greater. 

It's very encouraging to spend time with people who have such a genuine excitement for the word of God.

I want Pastor John to tell me about how he memorizes scripture. He uses so much of it in his conversation. And it's not cumbersome or awkward but rather just speaking truth about whatever it is we are talking about. I've asked him if he has a method or way he goes about it and I am waiting for his response back.
While we were there we saw our first snow fall for this year. That was pretty cool because soon we'll be moving to where that doesn't happen from what I understand (maybe every 100 years or so?)

The stories most exciting to hear for me were when John's witness of the Gospel (imperfect though it may be just like all of us) led the salvation of one who shared with another who shared with another who's salvation and ministry and teaching had already been a blessing to me before I had met Pastor John. 

And here is the church family that currently meets at the Church in Warsaw. So small by some measures but such a blessing to spend time with, singing, in the Word, and in fellowship. The number of their membership has gone up and down over the years but I have talked with another pastor who has benefited from the ministry of Pastor John and the number of men who have become pastors and the churches that have been started because of the witness and teaching of Pastor John Breshears was astounding to me. Another testament of the Lord's grace. 

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