Monday, November 7, 2016

3rd Anniversary Camping Trip!

We celebrated our 3rd Anniversary at Washington State Park in MO. This was by Sarah's choice. It was her year to decide how we were going to celebrate (we take turns every other year) and she decided she wanted to see the Missouri outdoors. I was a little doubtful at first but she made a good choice. It was a beautiful weekend!

My wife is beautiful and the Lord has blessed me so much in giving me such a wonderful partner. She is an encouragement to me in our work, she is a hard worker and a wonderful mother to our babies. She is patient. She appreciates reality, doesn't live in wishfulness (there's probably a better way to say that). 

Sarah got to go on her first canoe trip and she handled it like a pro. It was a beautiful float.

The Lord provided for us even in this little thing of going camping. We did not reserve a camp site. Lack of foresight on our part. We just wanted a basic little site to put our tent on... every single site in the whole park was booked! We had no backup plan. I drove over to the camp host just to find out what I could. They said that yes indeed ever single site was taken, but as an after thought they they said there was a man with two sites down the way who was actually only using one after all.
We drove on down and found him and he was very happy to rent his other site to us (which was a perfect site located away from everyone else). The Lord provided very sweetly for us with this little thing even in our lack of planning.

Texas is very flat (the part we are going) and very different from Missouri. It was good to see MO at its best one more time before all the hustle and bustle of moving. 

We do love Texas though! It's the new home the Lord is giving us! We are excited as we head off on this new adventure. Pray for us! Our departure date is set! We are leaving January 2nd for RGBI and will begin our language training and work in the video department January 9th.

See our newsletter for more information! Also check out the letter send from the students at RGBI who are working in the video department. 

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