Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Little Jacksons

Pictures of our growing babies! 

The Little William is growing! He is 6 months old now and can roll quite well. He has just begun trying out the hands and knees things. He can get up on them (just barely) and then he flops. He has two teeth now and the things he loves best is people talking to him...

There is not a whole lot to update on support wise. We got to present to First Baptist Church of Ellington a couple weeks ago, that was a blessing. And this coming Sunday we will be sharing with Bethlehem Baptist Church in Dittmer MO. 
We have gained a supporter so we may be just over 60%, praise the Lord. We are trusting Him.
Because the Lord has not sent us to RGBI this summer we are thinking over plans to take a trip down there this fall to visit, recharge/focus our mission of getting there, and also possibly (probably) take some pictures and video of what is going on there. Those plans are still in the thinking stage though so you'll have to hold on to hear more.

...Except when he's hungry. Then his favorite thing is definitely a bottle.

Our Mariposa is growing bigger too, and bigger in personality as well. Please pray for us as we seek to teach her and train her in the wisdom of the Lord our God. 

Here is the Super Momma Master Mind at work. Her Super momma powers sometimes include stealth so it can be tricky getting a picture of her. But she is beautiful and amazing and the wonderful mother of our babies. 

And the Jackson boys (Me, dad, Eddie Jonny, Jimmy and also Gracie who is not a Jackson boy but I am very thankful that she came) went on a little fishing trip and took Mary and William so Sarah could be without the kids for just a little bit. (that was not the reason for the fishing trip but the reason the kids came on it)

 Thankfully we have an awesome new double baby stroller that was given to us very generously. We have been using when we go jogging and it came in handy here as well.

 William (the little one) didn't get to see much of the action but he was happy anyway on his grandpa's back.

Mary isn't telling a fish tale. She says she's done sitting on this rock. 

 A hat for bubbub (she can also say William now but prefers bubbub)
He guesses we're on some kind of great hiking adventure or something... not very sure from this view.

The End of this post.
Thank you for all your prayers and support as we continue to work towards RGBI and continuing our work as Servant Photographers

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