Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Honesty, Encouragement, And a Challenge

It's been a long journey, and we're still not at RGBI.

That can be discouraging sometimes. To be honest, there have been many times these past 3 years that I've asked God, "Are we ever going to get there?" We remain convinced that this is the Lord's will for us, but His timing has been very confusing.

When we made it to the 60% mark, however, things started to get exciting. Not too long ago we realized that if support continued to come in steadily there was a real possibility that we could be there for the start of the semester THIS AUGUST! Wow!

But in order for people to join our support team they have to hear about the work God has called us to, and those opportunities can be hard to come by. With only 4 months remaining until August, making that goal is starting to look more improbable. I admit that this past week I started praying for some encouragement, because I am ready to go, but it's easy to wonder if that's ever going to happen. And after all these years, do they still really want or need us?

Then last night we received an email from the Media Director at RGBI (our future boss). He wrote to tell us that the students working in the video department are praying for us and are "anxious for [our] arrival on campus."
"We have some quality students in the video department," he wrote, "but they keep asking for a staff member to be there with them."

Do they want us there? YES! 
Are we ready to go? When can we pack?!

And so we press on! The finish line of this little race is in sight! And we need you to do something.


That is our challenge to you. Please, pray. Pray fervently for us, brothers and sisters. Pray confidently. Pray joyfully. Pray that we will be at the Rio Grande Bible Institute by the start of this coming August semester!
(If you would like us to mail you a prayer card let us know!)

God is going to take us there.
Sound teaching will be sent to Spanish-speaking pastors and missionaries all over the world through RGBI's video ministry.
And YOU will be a vital part of that ministry!

To God Alone be the Glory!
Sarah Jackson

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