Monday, May 11, 2015

Psalm 67 Missions Network

Psalm 67 Missions Network is a missions organization that formed out a group of people with a love for the Lord and for missions.

 It is through this missions organization that Sarah and I grew in an understanding of missions, and lived it out through trips to Mexico and the USA.

Cristo El Rey - Mission Texas
It was through these trips that we got to know each other and realized each other's love for the Lord, love for missions, and love adventure. It was through Psalm67 that we became familiar with the Rio Grande Bible Institute and discovered their need for a videographer and photographer on staff. 

I served a two month internship through Psalm67 in Mission/McAllen Texas under the guidance of Psalm67 Director Aaron Sutton. 

The Lord has used Psalm 67 in my life.

Now I see my younger sister, my sister and law, and now more members of my family serving with Psalm 67 and going on trips and becoming exposed to cross-cultural disciple making, cross-culturally serving with brothers and sisters in Christ! Serving them, working alongside them, reaching the lost, and encouraging others to join them in the work of the Kingdom of the LORD which
reaches past borders and languages and governments and
great discomforts of any kind. The Love of Christ reaches all His children and we are called to live it out Together. Don't you want to be a part of that now?

Psalm 67 Missions Network is small but it in encouraging to see them growing and taking solid steps and striving to honor the Lord in all that they do. If you want to get your feet wet in cross cultural missions (which does not always mean leaving the U.S.), and taste what it means to share the love of Christ with brothers and sisters who have very little in common with you except the love of Christ (and that makes all the difference in the world), and dive into the process of disciple making both here and in foreign contexts, I recommend you become familiar with Psalm 67 and join them in their work as the Lord leads. 

Aaron Sutton

Savannah Weber

Gennie Jackson

Dios le bendiga

(Photos by Billy Jackson)