Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Hello, Dear Friends!

I apologize for the long delay in posts since our trip to Mexico! As soon as we got back we had a family reunion to attend, then made a whirlwind trip to Wisconsin to celebrate some friends' graduation. At last it feels like our bodies are beginning to recuperate, and life is beginning to get a normal rhythm again.

You may (or may not) have noticed that we haven't been actively raising support lately. While our desire to get to RGBI hasn't diminished in the least, there were some very good questions raised by those who love us that needed to be answered before we pursued more partners in this ministry. These questions included questions like, "If Billy is recording a class and believes that the professor has begun teaching heresy, how will that be handled?" All good things that we had not formerly considered.
Because of the time of year, it took a long time to get some of the needed answers, but as of this week all of them have been satisfactorily answered, and we are charging forward!

Something wonderful happened while we waited, however. Something, well, jaw-dropping.
Although we did little more than pray during this time, our support jumped up to 27%! Mr. PacMan can't believe it (just look at his face)!

Add to that the fact that our financial report for May hasn't come in yet (it is a VERY busy time of year for RGBI staff), and we have even more to praise God for! We're excited to see how much more God provided last month!

So please keep praying that God will continue to provide! Pray that He will give us wisdom, patience, and persistence. Our supporters mean so much to us, and I am truly in awe of how much love and support we have already. God will get us there in the perfect time, and we pray that that perfect time is soon!

Love in Christ,
Sarah & Billy Jackson

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