Sunday, May 25, 2014

Soccer Tournament and Gospel Presentation

These pictures are from Saturday. (May 24th) We had a soccer tournament (the gringo's participated) at one of the city soccer fields. The Pastor had handed out flyers telling about it a day or so before. Before the the final game of the tournament Aaron followed up the Pastor shared the Gospel to the boys.

Tonight we handed out flyers at another city park where we will be having a tournament tomorrow. We will be having  three more of these at different parks throughout the week. At each one we will be sharing the Gospel. The girls will have opportunities to interact and share with many children as well.

Pray the Lord will use these times and efforts to draw the lost to himself. Pray that relationships will be formed that can be followed up by the members of the church and the Pastor.

Saturday we also had a medical clinic. It looks like We will be having other medical clinics throughout the week possibly as well. Be Tough Be Flexible is definitely a must as new projects and adjusted activities come our way.

Please also pray that the the Lord would help us to use the photos and video that Sarah and I have been taking. We have a LOT of it already!
Glory to God for using His children to do his work!

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