Thursday, May 29, 2014

About the Medical Clinic

On Saturday (the first full day we were here in Matamoros) we helped with a Medical Clinic outreach. Our team nurse, Stephanie (my mom) saw more than twenty patients while the rest of us had water balloon battles and played soccer with their children. The pastor's wife, Hermana Sara, is a beautician, and during the clinic she and a beauty school friend offered free hair cuts, which were very popular.

Almost everything our enfermera (nurse) needed was available thanks to all of the donations we received, and she was able to help people treat muscle pain, back pain, UTIs, and much more! A local pediatrician came and saw many children. I don't know how many, but they were adorable!

The most dramatic case of the day came when the doctor wrote a prescription for a little girl to get a shot, and asked Mom to do it. Terrified, the little patient took off running, only to be scooped up by the doctor and held fast until the shot had been given! She screamed and screamed, but we pray that she will be well soon.

Since Saturday we have had the honor of visiting drug rehab centers every morning and hosting soccer tournaments every evening. At each of these Nurse Estephany has brought a "mobile medical clinic," taking temperatures, blood pressures and sugars, and administering minor pain relievers and advice. It's been a tremendous blessing to the people we have met, and we are so thankful that God sent her on this trip!

Thank you for your prayers! Please keep praying! We're almost finished here for now, but pray that we finish well!

Dios le bendiga!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Quick Video clip

A quick video clip of Aaron Sutton telling about the problem of sin about the hope of the Gospel, and then the Pastor praying for the boys. This is right before the final game of the soccer tournament. Tonight/evening/noche we are having another tournament at another city park. It looks like there will be even more boys than Saturday (there were six teams and about 30 boys Sat)

To get the most recent updates on how the trip is going follow the Psalm 67 Mission page on Facebook. This is where updates are most easily and frequently posted.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Soccer Tournament and Gospel Presentation

These pictures are from Saturday. (May 24th) We had a soccer tournament (the gringo's participated) at one of the city soccer fields. The Pastor had handed out flyers telling about it a day or so before. Before the the final game of the tournament Aaron followed up the Pastor shared the Gospel to the boys.

Tonight we handed out flyers at another city park where we will be having a tournament tomorrow. We will be having  three more of these at different parks throughout the week. At each one we will be sharing the Gospel. The girls will have opportunities to interact and share with many children as well.

Pray the Lord will use these times and efforts to draw the lost to himself. Pray that relationships will be formed that can be followed up by the members of the church and the Pastor.

Saturday we also had a medical clinic. It looks like We will be having other medical clinics throughout the week possibly as well. Be Tough Be Flexible is definitely a must as new projects and adjusted activities come our way.

Please also pray that the the Lord would help us to use the photos and video that Sarah and I have been taking. We have a LOT of it already!
Glory to God for using His children to do his work!