Monday, April 14, 2014

To Mexico!

We're going to Mexico again!

Matamoros Trip, Dec '12-Jan '13
The Psalm 67 Missions Network is taking a short-term trip to Matamoros next month, and Billy and I will be with them! While we will be doing anything and everything we can on the trip, our main mission will capturing it with photography and videography.

This is very exciting! Not only is it a chance to work with our Mexican friends and brothers in Christ after such a long time apart, we also get to practice the very skills that we pray will soon be used on the mission field full time! Furthermore, when we come back into the states we will be able to visit the Rio Grande Bible Institute again!

So rejoice with us, and pray for us! It is an honor and joy to be able to go on another mission trip, and we truly want to see God glorified. There is a plan to send regular updates out via the internet, so we'll let you know where to find them before we leave. If we can find enough internet, we'll also be able to send home some of our photography, but otherwise we'll be sharing it once we're back in America.

Thank you all so much for your prayers!

¡Dios le bendiga!

Sarah & Billy Jackson

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