Friday, June 21, 2013

Trail notes #1 - Aslan is on the move!

Hello All! Here is my first update on how the Lord is leading me on this journey to RGBI.

Just like the lion Aslan began to break the spell of winter as he came to reclaim his kingdom. The Lord is moving and building his church, his kingdom! It is very exciting to be a part of that no matter how small my part may be, to know that as I offer myself up to the Lord and give myself to him he is FAITHFUL to use me in the building of his church!

So how has the Lord worked in and around me the last two months? The Lord has begun to build my support team! He has graciously given me a prayer support family and he has been steadily giving me opportunities to speak and to share with others about the work he has for me at the Rio Grande Bible Institute.

Since my last letter I have tried to formulated into words the vision and mission the Lord has given me.

My Mission is:
To see the gospel at work around the world,
to further it using my photography and video skills
And then using those same skills
to report back to the church
what the Lord is doing to build his kingdom

This vision the Lord has given me has been in process ever since 2010 when I took my professional (big black) camera with me to Mexico for the first time. The Lord continues to amaze me at how he has brought the Rio Grande Bible Institute’s need together with my desire to serve in this way. One example of this is that RGBI is considering how they could use video to record live classes for use in training those Hispanics who cannot come to the school. I am excited to be a part of enabling this new way to train. I will continue to follow in faith and trust that this partnership process will continue once I actually get to RGBI and put my hands to work!

So far the Lord has used individuals, prayer groups, churches, Baptist associations, a youth group, VBS, missionaries, and former missionaries to partner with me in raising support! Last Tuesday I shared with a small group prayer meeting that meets in a friend’s home. They gave me as much time as I wanted and asked really good questions afterward! The group seemed to give serious consideration to the idea of financial support and partnership in this way, even though as Southern Baptists (like myself) they were not as familiar with the idea of an individual building their own support team. I praise God for the lovely fellowship and partnership that can be found within the body of Christ even at the beginning of a new relationship. I am currently at 10% of the monthly support needed for me to begin work at RGBI.

So Praise God! And pray that he will continue his work! If you are willing to hear more and to consider whether this would be an opportunity for you or those you know to partner in the work of the gospel, please contact me! The church is the army of the Lord! Let us strategize and consider how we may move in step with the Captain’s commands!

Your servant in the Lord,
Billy Jackson

To gain information about providing prayer and/or financial support, please contact me or RGBI. 

The Rio Grande Bible Institute
4300 S US Hwy 281, Edinburg, TX 78539-9650
Phone: (956)380-8100 E-mail:

Billy Jackson
7112 Burgess Drive, Barnhart, MO 63012
Phone: (636) 633-0704 E-mail:

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