Monday, April 1, 2013

The Lord leads! Step by step

I was able to make my first missions presentation at First Baptist church of Centerville on March 17th, and I will be presenting again on April 6th to a meeting of Reynolds County Baptist association (Southern Baptist association). Praise God for the gracious opportunities right here at the start. It is awesome that he is already leading me to those who are ready and willing to hear about The Rio Grande Bible Inst. and my part in the work there.

Two support letters have been sent out. A introductory letter explaining about RGBI and my part, and a more detailed letter explaining what support I need to gather and how people can join my team by pledging regular support.
"Introductory" Letter"Pastor recommendation" letter"Details of support" Letter,

The Lord has given to me a "Praying Family". A family of people who will endeavor to be used by God to further the kingdom through the ministry of prayer. They are my prayer warriors! It is awesome to be able to send out an email letting a group of people know of a need, and knowing that it will be lifted up in prayer to our Lord. Praise God for his faithfulness in this way, and pray that my "Praying Family" would be encouraged and spurred on in their ministry, their work in the Kingdom. (You know, I have a description for my prayer team adapted from L'abri's statements. I wonder, should I should come up with a description for my financial team?)

So the next steps? The support letters are out, I have gotten a good start in presenting, the first at the church and another one coming at the meeting. And now, with much prayer and the Lord's grace, I will begin to follow up with the contacts the Lord brings to me. Will you join my team of supporters? Be part of this ministry? And send me to work at the Rio Grande Bible Institute?

Please pray with me that the Lord would bring opportunities to share with people, churches, groups, and that He would partner me with those who are ready to joyfully be a part of this ministry with me. I am looking for people who are willing to listen and to evaluate whether this would be a worthy investment for the Kingdom of heaven, and then if the Lord leads them, to be a TEAM with me. A team that will back me, help hold me accountable, and who will rejoice with me in the victories and accomplishments of RGBI.

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