Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sunrise on the Mississippi

Just wanted to share some beauty of the Lord's creation with you all. I know I've been slow on here to update with what the Lord is doing in leading me to work at the Rio Grande Bible Institute. Look for an update to come soon. If you want updates about prayer needs, ways to support, or just want to hear more first hand about RGBI, contact me! I would be glad to share with you directly about the work the Lord is doing. 
Otherwise hang on! An update is coming. Stuff HAS been happening. The Lord DEFINITELY has been moving me forward in this journey he has set before my feet. 

Meanwhile, enjoy some beauty. This Sunrise hmm... was on March 20th I believe. Over looking the Mississippi river, and with a barge/tugboat obligingly making it's appearance. 

Watch the video or just look at the pictures. I hope they're even a tenth as much fun to watch as they were to capture. 

The Tripod's ready to go... but it's cold outside!

A barge passing on the Mississippi

Boat pushing barge up the Mississippi

The Train tracks running along the Mississippi river

180 degree panoramic of the Mississippi River. You can see the train tracks on both sides of the frame. Those are the same tracks.