Saturday, February 23, 2013

RGBI's "Video Hope"

One of the Rio Grande Bible Institute's ministries is "Video Hope" is one of the tools that the Rio Grande Bible Institute uses to train and equip men and women for the work of the gospel.

While RGBI has students from 15 different countries who have come to the school for Bible training, there are Spanish speakers in over 25 different countries around the world who have received biblical training through RGBI's dvd courses.

While most of these countries are those you would expect... Mexico, US, Chile, Spain... some are definitely not what you would expect! Japan, Siberia, Australia, Germany! There are Spanish speakers all across the globe now.

Part of what makes working at RGBI exciting is that I'm not just going to be helping send the gospel to South and Central America, I'm going to be part of a work that is sending the gospel all over the world! And not just to Spanish speakers. Our Latino brothers and sisters in Christ are training up and sending missionaries to all kinds of people and places!

And this Video Hope, this part of the Bible training that I get to be a part of, is for training those brothers and sisters who cannot leave to come to the school, either because they cannot afford it, or can't enter the US, OR because there is already a church that they are pastoring and they cannot leave the ministry God has placed them in.

A major part of the work that I will be doing at RGBI, by the Lord's grace, will be helping to make more and better dvd training courses, and helping RGBI to record live classroom sessions.

Please pray for me that I would have the tools, the skills, and the wisdom to help RGBI in this project of giving hope to the nations through their video dvd courses.

Pins on a map showing places that people are using RGBI's training materials

On the Right is Rev. Ted Paschke the head of RGBI's video department
On the left is a man who helped RGBI get materials to deep south Mexico.

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