Sunday, July 1, 2012

Spending some time with the boys swimming... and making Jackson bread!

Mario, Jorge, and Enrique learning how to make Jackson bread. Of course it is with the white flour instead of whole wheat... and we stuffed the loaves with cheese! It was fun (AND it was good!)
Mario and Jorge's are going to have a new sister soon and the baby shower was this afternoon (Friday June 29). Their mom asked if I could take them and not bring them back till 8:00pm. lol. This worked out good for us because we had gotten permission to use the pool for a day and we wanted to go swimming. BUT! Who can say no to fresh Jackson bread on top of that? lol!

 It was fun to get to reward the boys with an afternoon of fun after we had spent the day before in work.
I had made some bread and taken it to their family before so they knew what their end goal was.

It was good! They did a good job. (the bread is still VERY hot in this picture by the way)

These three boys, from left to right: Enrique, Jorge, Mario, are the three that have earned their way to the youth camp here this week. They are being sponsored by the church and have worked here at the church to earn their way.

None of them have ever gotten to go to a camp like this before and they are pretty excited. I'm excited too and very happy that they get to go.
Pray for us this week as we participate in the camp. Pray for all the campers and also especially for these three that God would teach them more and work in their hearts.


  1. Sounds like you boys had a great time. =) All my lil' siblings always enjoyed making bread too. So it's not surprising that they would as well.