Monday, July 9, 2012

Small birthday party at the Solis house. Lesley is 9 years old! Nueve años!

Peter is also a year older (didn't catch how many years he has yet). 
It was an awesome evening with the Solis family at their house. They had a BBQ and invited Mario's whole family to come. It was really cool. It was the first time Mario's mom came with us to visit. At first she wasn't feeling well enough to come (Mario has a new baby sister on the way) but by the evening she decided to come. 
There were also neighbors who stopped in to visit and eat plus! Enrique and Lesley's older brother and sister got to come visit from San Juan. Jr and Mary. They stayed the night and also got to come to church with us the next day. The birthday party was on Saturday by the way. 
There was lots of fun, some games, and the food was GOOD! I don't think I've ever had guacamole that good before. There were also two bouts of water wars included in the party featuring the brand new water guns that the three boys earned for helping clean up the camp after all the other campers had gone home (the guns are pretty sweet. Mario's is a battery powered automatic!)

Good food! 
Angela's personal coke stash
This is Mary and Tesarita! Tesarita is Enrique's youngest sister and I think Mary is his oldest sister.

Some of my good friends (picture taken by Mario)

Jr, Erique's big brother holding Tesarita. This is the first time I've gotten to
meet Jr. (Juan I think is his name but he goes by Jr.)
Picture by Jorge

Pablo (also Juan)

Cake is Good! 
Even when on your face!

anyone who says otherwise doesn't know what their talking about. lol!

And Now! For your further entertainment!

Picture by Mario (I think)

Picture by Jorge (I think

The dominoes game being caught in the crossfire of the water war

The Solis' dog "Daisy" and their neighbor Angie

Giving the coke some bunny ears. lol!

Little Peter. It his birthday celebration too. 

You've already seen some of the pictures taken by Mario and Jorge. Here are a few more as well as one taken by America.

Picture by either Mario or Jorge

Picture taken by America
This is Mario's mom
Picture taken by Mario

Picture taken by Mario

And so concludes a great time at the Solis house. I am afraid that my own time here in Mission is going to be gone before I know it. It already feels like it is gone. I took Enrique's brother and sister back to San Juan after church on Sunday and Enrique went with them to spend the week so I won't get to see him again before I leave on Thursday. But pray that I make good use of my time left here, without rushing, without wasting.

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