Sunday, June 10, 2012

Thoughts and prayers

There are two sides of a coin that I have been exposed to this weekend. 

Yesterday I was thinking about what would be good to teach to these boys. I had just read Isaiah 44 in my daily reading and was thinking about teaching from that. It talks about how stupid and foolish idol worship is. Then later as I was taking the boys Mario and Gorge after playing soccer it hit me just how desperately these boys need the gospel. Not kind of morality is going to change these boys' lives.  As I was thinking that I was think, "You know, we're all just playing games unless people are getting saved here". That's what we got to be praying for and longing for and looking for. Its not just that they shouldn't worship idols but that they have to know what it means to worship the true and living risen Christ.
So that's when I decided for sure that I was going to teach for sure this Sunday even though I'd only had a day or two to figure out what I was going to teach. It didn't matter really, because they need the gospel.  I started in Isaiah 44 and after we agreed on how stupid it was to worship idols we went and read the end of Matthew and the beginning of Acts to see what the disciples reaction to Jesus was (worship) and what Jesus commanded them to do. We discussed why the disciples worshiped Jesus, what is means to be a true disciple of Jesus, and what Jesus commanded. 
So that's how Sunday school went. Keeping in mind though that while I can lay it out simply here the sunday school setting with these kids is quite different. How much of this actually got across and into the heads of the boys we can only pray.

The other side of the coin (the other thought that hit me) is that if we as the body of Christ cannot step up to help and support those in need we are again "just playing games". This came to me after and separate from the first thought (when I say came to me I don't mean that's the first time I've thought it, but that it hit me strongly and in a new experience). The Solis family is in need here in a way that few American's can fully understand I believe. Please pray for them, and pray that the church would embrace them with Christ's arms of love and caring. 

So there are some thoughts and prayers. I will hopefully update you all with a more detailed post before the week is out. 

Dios te bendiga! God Bless you!

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