Sunday, June 17, 2012

Pictures of life

Here are some of the pictures from the last couple days. Mostly of the time I got to spend with the Solis family and with Mario.

Angela testing out the new slide on the playground what was just finished Thursday at the camp next door.

Alondra climbing the ropes

Peter sizing up the slide (a fare way down for someone his size

America and Alondra steering the ship the cool evening sea breeze blowing in their hair

The Solis family and Mario+ gathered around to say "Hello" and Hola" to Olivia and the Suttons

"There ain't nuff room for the both of 'em in this fridge" (don't know why) "There's gona have to be a shoot out"

At the Solis house for lunch 

Angela helping out her little sister Tesarita

Sibling love (a little too much love for Peter at the moment)

"Ready! Draw!" Keeping it simple and fair. Tostada with fried egg and pepper jack cheese 

Mario serving up the food


Pablo and Zack chowing down

Eyeing up the opponent

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