Friday, June 8, 2012

First full day in the Rio Grande Valley

Who knows how many pictures of this water tower I will end up with.

I promised to keep people updated and I am going to do my very best to keep that promise. I don't know how often I'll end up posting, but with my first full day under my belt I feel like I should let everyone know that I'm still alive and well! lol! And maybe introduce you to the place a little bit or something. 

First there is a praise! I am started onto the last message of video that I have to edit. Some of you know that I have a video project that I've been working on and I really want to get it done (for obvious reasons I want to work on other things while here in Texas). Thank you everyone who's been praying for that. I'm on the home stretch (I believe) and hope to be done by early next week. 

Though I spent most of today and the end of yesterday working on getting the video editing done I will fill you in on the other events of the day.  

Yesterday I arrived at the Harlingen airport about 30 minutes late and Hermana Hope was standing right there waiting for me. So I arrived in Mission Texas about 5:00 ish or so I believe (maybe closer to 4?).
Once here I tried to gather my bearings and unpack/set up house/bed and such. I have to tell you, though the pictures look like the same place that we've been to before it feels totally different without the rest of the team. Everything about the place and the scheduled day feels different. 

So yesterday I did some video editing, Bible reading, grocery shopping. I've done grocery shopping for a family of 10 before but never for just one (and with the knowledge that I'd be doing all the cooking). I think I will not be reporting on the meals lol! Just know that I'm doing my best to eat healthy and I will not be starving. If I decide to take a cooking adventure (you know like beyond the ordinary) maybe I will fill you in but I think that unlikely for now.

Today I started with a quick meeting with Aaron just to touch base, did some Bible reading and then went to Stripes to get some breakfast and fill up the van which was on empty. 

I had a good talk with Eddie (the camp director) about the youth camp that they are having first week of July. Eddie asked if I would help lead small group Bible study times and discussion times after chapel. He also needs a couple more able men to help with this (if anyone wants to come down and teach Bible for a week :)

Joshua, Jaime, Enrique, Beto, Raul, Marco in front.
This evening I went over and played some soccer with the kids near Megulito's store. It is the first time seeing the kids this trip. I saw the Solis family when we went to tell Enrique that we were playing. They look like they are doing pretty well for the most part. It was pretty hot in the house but they are using the fans that we had so that helps.

  • For Prayer please continue to pray for me. Actually please pray that God would be glorified in me. I don't just want to survive here in Mission and want to spread God's word and love (which are very connected). And it is easy to go into survival mode in such a different place.
  • Praise, It has been a blessing doing all this editing of sermons about abiding in Christ, living his love to others, and it has been making me think about how to live each day. Pray that I can live out the truth that I learn, that it can be applied.
  • Pray for Saturday and Sunday. I will hopefully go see some of the kids (like Mario and his siblings) on the other side of the town tomorrow as well as play some more soccer. 
  • The Mormon influence on this place is very very heavy. Every single kid I played with tonight has had them in their house at some point or other. Some of them have tactics for avoiding them now, but for some reason they seem to only employ to options: listen to them till their done (which takes forever!), or hide till they leave (which takes a long time too!)

In a place like this you take whatever friends you can find. lol!

Quick tour of the inside of the house for those who want it. 

 First there is the Living room...

And the Dinning room.
Next we move on through the door to my room, formerly Sarah Weber's room (sorry Sarah! hope you don't mind)

As you can see there is my bed (camp cot with air mattress on top for now)...

and closet, bathroom with shower, and the shoe corner (cleats, tennis shoes, dress shoes)
Then back to the front of the house there in my office set up in my old bedroom.  
 And here is the kitchen. I have actually found a few useful items in all those cabinets. 
 AND THEN! There's the forbidden hallway!...

lol! Actually that's just the other part of the house which I currently don't have use for. It consists of the Sutton's bedroom, the main bathroom, Rick's room, and Jeremy's room (which he has yet to come down and actually stay in. lol).
Depending on how well my air mattress setup works this second night I might consider moving down to Rick's room as it has an actual bed. I haven't decided yet. 

Well Good night! Buenos Noches!