Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Blessed day with the Solis family!

Today I was able to spend most of my day with the Solis family. It was very good to be able to help and to fellowship with this family (even with the constant need for the kids to translate conversation).

After Bible reading and breakfast this morning I headed over to the Solis house. First thing we did was to take them grocery shopping (this right there is a blessing to them as they don't have a car and carrying back enough food for all of them in a stroller and by hand can definitely be a chore!). Then we went back to la casa (the house) and got down to work. There were several spots around the house where the drywall had been damaged by vandalism. I got started on this with Enrique while Hermano Solis started on painting the outside walls with Lesley (they came in a joined me once they were done).
We got one side of the living room done before lunche and the other side done after lunche. I had figured on eating lunch with them (which is good as I'm pretty sure they figured on it too) so I had brought along a watermelon to share. 

So, so far... work was good, lunch was good, work was good... then I got to spend some time with Enrique. I had asked him to read Proverbs 3 the day before (he actually read it while I was finishing up with the drywall... actually he read it twice. lol! couldn't tell me about it the first time.) and we started our discussion there and used some other Proverbs as well.
It was a really good little Bible study/talk time. We talked about respecting and honoring your parents, self control ("a man without control is a city without walls"), and laziness. All three of these things are dealt with very well throughout the Proverbs. We discussed these thing, we discussed the need for repentance and prayer to God to change our hearts so that we can do these things as the Bible says, we also had some other boys sitting in for parts of our discussion including our prayer as we ended. 
Please pray that Enrique as well as the other boys would start to read their Bibles for themselves and pray to God that he would change their hearts. 
I was very happy to note that later in the day as I left Enrique's house and I prayed with him that he mentioned all three things that we talked about in his prayer (at least they had stuck with him that long).

In between this time and the time of eating watermelon we ended up playing a good basketball game with some older kids. It was a good basketball game like I said (we won! lol) it was us (little guys and me) verses them. They were good sports and played a good game. I hope to go back and get a chance to know them a little better (they were playing down towards Megulito's store). 

Ok so after we returned triumphant from the basketball game we had our watermelon con chamoi (spicey red sauce stuff). I actually tried my first piece with some (for the first time. I've turned it down before) and decided to go back to plain ole' watermelon after that. lol! Actually I did try some key lime juice squeezed onto my second slice and that wasn't half bad (my third slice I had plain). And was at this time that I finally got out the camera a took a few shots of the Solis house relaxing at the end of a day of work. 

Sittin' in the shade eating Watermelon after a hard days work, Oh yeah!
(This is Pedro and Peter)

Peter eating his watermelon with gusto...

just like he learned from his older brother Pablo.
This is Angela (An-heh-la) next to Pablo

This is how you do it when its hot!
Joshua and his little sister Angie cooling off. (Solis' neighbors)

Because its FUN!
You can even get your own tub

This here is Zack 
Coolest white kid on the block. Also a dead shot with any gun (...that has amo in it) 

Which is one of the reasons he's sure to lay hands on any gun in sight! (or at least keeps his eyes on it TILL he can get his hand on it. lol).
By the way if you happen to have any amo be sure to send it his way. Its hard to come by in these parts.

Getting a refill

Checking on Enrique's bike

Pray for me please. Pray for the Valley. I plan on going back to work at the Solis house tomorrow afternoon. There is more drywall to patch plus other things (Like the roof I believe) still need to be repaired.
Please pray for God's continued care for the Solis family even in this hard time for them. Please pray for his blessing.
Please pray that God's love would be poured out here in Mission Texas. And that his glory will be known, and his power will be known. 

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