Monday, June 4, 2012

Assessment test for RGBI position

I took an assessment test this morning as part of the application process for the position at the Rio Grande Bible institute. It was interesting and I think does a fairly good job of representing me.
I know this test if for me and for the school so no one else out there has to read this, but if you are interested in who I am and how I tend to function in a work environment (for some reason, who knows why. lol) then here you go. Remember these questions I answered were all focused on work situations so I did my best to answer them as such.
Please pray for me. The 22nd is the day for all the interviews at the school (from 7:45am-8:00 or 9:00pm! should be fun! but in all seriousness please pray for wisdom and understanding)

Career Trait Profile – Billy Jackson

Most people agree that looking for a job and developing your career skills can sometimes be very stressful and confusing in terms of what to do next. We sincerely hope that you find the following clues to be helpful to you as just one of many pieces of information you’ll need in order to make great choices! We will cover 3 main areas:

  1. Understanding yourself better in terms of 6 universal career traits and how they impact your job choices and working environment
  2. Learning how to present your strengths within job applications, resumes and during interviews
  3. When possible, highlight some types of jobs and training that may be beneficial for you to explore based on your particular traits
This information is best used along with your career counselor for choosing jobs and careers that best suit you, as well as, preparing
yourself for interviews and continuing education to develop your talents.

Let’s get started…
The 6 Universal Career Traits are:
  • •Planning
  • •Tough Mindedness
  • •Flexibility
  • •Extroversion
  • •Stress Resistance
  • •Teamwork

Your Universal Career Trait results

Below you will find details about your personality and how it applies to each of the universal career traits. We then tell you why this information is useful and ways to use it to help your career search.

Career Trait: Planning

  • William, you tend to prefer to minimize the amount of details and planning you are required to handle, so you might want to avoid jobs that require you to follow a strict plan every day
  • Your unique strength is being able to deal with interruptions better than most people as well as being more comfortable with the plan being changed on a regular basis

Enhance your Resume:

Career Trait: Tough Mindedness

  • •William, you have a balance between wanting to question things versus taking things at face value
  • •You may prefer to be in a position where you can ideally have a balance between making decisions during the day versus following along with others
  • •It will be important that your position allow you to have some ability to question things and be a part of the decision making process
  • •Look for roles that allow you to learn the job and corporate strategy and ultimately gain the trust of management to make some decisions on your own.

Enhance your Interview:

Career Trait: Flexibility

  • •William, you like variety and change, so it is important to pick an employer that is growing quickly or at least making a lot of changes to their environment, products or services
  • •It is best when you can be in a position that values innovative and out of the box thinking versus one where you are required to maintain a current system or structure
  • •Be careful of environments that are well established and structured

Enhance your Resume:

Career Trait: Extroversion

  • •William, you have a moderate level of need to interact with others during the day
  • •Jobs that require continual interaction with others or ones that require you to work alone for long periods of time will be less satisfying
  • •You will be more effective in a position where you interact with people during the day, but you also have your own space to think and work without interruptions

Career Trait: Stress Resistance
  • •William, you tend to be able to deal with high levels of stress which means you are open to working in more intense and stressful situations
  • •Your poise and relaxed nature is beneficial in many environments
  • •Avoid positions that actually need you to be fast-paced and more intense, as in those situations your calm nature may be perceived as a lack of interest
  • •You may also want to avoid positions that require a high level of sensitivity to others
  • •Your calm nature might be perceived as though you do not care about their situation
  • •Look for situations that value your ability to remain calm and steady under pressure
Career Trait: Teamwork 

  • •William, you tend to prefer to be in situations where your individual efforts and accomplishments are rewarded and valued
  • •Environments where you are not rewarded for your own accomplishments will be less motivating for you
  • •Many environments today are centered around teamwork and sometimes financial incentives are based on team effectiveness
  • •Focus on environments that reward individual efforts even though you may be a part of a team.


  1. That's pretty cool!
    I had to smile every time I read "William," though. I sometimes forget that it's your name.

    We're praying for you at the Weber house, and will continue to do so.
    ¡Dios te bendiga!

  2. Wow! That sounds just like you! And I smiled the first time I saw "William" too.