Friday, June 15, 2012

Another Awesome day blessed by the Lord!

Today was another day where I felt the blessing of the Lord. It was good. 

I started the day after Bible reading with meeting Dr Thomas Whitehouse for breakfast and some good fellowship. We talked and discussed various things about my trip so far, challenges and questions for things coming up, and also about his church that he is pastoring and the work he is doing as a seminary professor (plus he recently finished a novel he's looking to get published!). He is a really cool guy and I really look forward to my meeting with him next week. 

Then I went and did my grocery shopping (didn't get to it yesterday) and got my laundry started. Then I started listening to a new lecture in the seminary course "Outreach and Apologetics" by Jerram Barrs, and started a new chapter in the book "Evangelism in the Early church".

Then after lunch I went on over to the Solis house. I was able to help them fix a ceiling fan in the kitchen and also help Enrique fix his bike (which is a pretty nice bike once the tires hold air). We didn't do as much work today because Pedro (hermano Solis. "Hermano" means "brother" by the way) was soon to go and help another friend of his with some work. I also got to talk a little more with Enrique and his mom about the church camp that is coming up in July, and what Enrique would have to do in order to qualify to go. One of these things was respecting and honoring his parents and I explained to them I would be asking hermana Solis in one week whether Enrique was meeting this require meant. Please pray for Enrique that he would be able to do this and all the other things so that he can come to that camp (It will be really awesome if he can come!)
After this I shared a second lunch/early dinner with the Solis family and then soon after (tiempo latino) I went on back to the house for some more reading (and to switch the laundry load).

At about 6:30 I went over to Mario's house. Praise God for the good time discussing the Bible together and praying! We discussed some of the things that I talked about with Enrique the day before, respecting and honoring authority, self control, repentance, and then also that if he truly wants to follow God with his heart (not just say so in his head) then he will have to pray that the Holy Spirit will help him and he will have to read the word of God each day to know how to follow him (in the Spirit's strength). We spent a bit of time on those last parts trying to help him understand what it takes to follow God and how helpless we are in our sinful state (trying to use more simple language). I do not think Mario fully realizes how serious sin is. He thinks he just has a few issues that for the most part don't bother him. We did talk about the fall in the garden of Eden to try and help with this though (also to talk about following what is "wise in our own eyes" as opposed to "trusting the Lord with all your heart and he will make your paths straight" like the Proverb said)
Praise God for our prayer at the end as I asked (several times) for Mario to start us in prayer and he prayed in very simple straight forward terms for God to help him. 

After this I "tiempo latinoed" around at Mario's house for a few minutes as he got his shoes on to play basketball. We went to the park down the street and played an awesome game of Basketball with the older boys that I had played with a few nights ago. It was a great game and we won! by one point!

Please pray for me tomorrow as I have a lot of different tasks and responsibilities and opportunities to help of course, that I would like to get done. Thank you for your prayers! Please continue your prayers for the Valley and for these boys that their hearts would be changed! Praise God for the changes I already see! Prayer is a weapon! It does conquer! 

Is only five
But she can read! lol!

I'm tellin ya folks!

This is how you do it when its hot! lol!
Mario and his sister America

They'll be coming over tomorrow to give the van a good washing

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