Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A few pictures - As Time flies

Unfortunately I have not had time to concentrate on taking pictures. Those that I have are just from a few minutes here or there when I see something and have my camera or when the kids are doing REALLY well and I feel safe taking out the camera for a few minutes. (this has only been a couple times) 

You can imagine that as a photographer I kind of miss being able to take out the camera for a few minutes to capture what is going on with the kids. So I do look forward to the team trip at the end of July. But there is obviously a lot going on to do. There is truth to be poured into these kids that is more important than trying to capture photos right now. The end of this trip is approaching all too fast. I can already feel it coming. Even now as I type and post this I can feel the time being spent.

Please pray for me that God will help me to use my time to the fullest WHILE all the time TRUSTING in HIS plans for salvation and his glory not my plans. 

Pray for salvation and the growing of the church. It is not our job to save but it is our job to be faithful proclaiming witnesses, and then to teach and disciple those that our brought into the fold. It would be so AWESOME to KNOW that I am teaching a little brother in Christ. Please pray for this. 

Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Day of interviews and encouragement at The Rio Grande Bible College

After a day of some rather discouraging meetings on Thursday (not all discouraging but by the end of the day I was rather discouraged) the day at the Rio Grande Bible College (now officially a Bible college instead of an institute) was VERY encouraging though it was a long day.

Yesterday (Friday 22 of June) was the second official step in the application process for membership at the RGBI. It is a membership as opposed to simply a staff position because they operate like a mission organization.

From the very start it was good. I started the day with the administrative staff in a prayer meeting in their building. What better way to start off a full day of interviews, where my future could possibly take a very new step, but in a sweet time of prayer with those who are guiding me along in this process (especially Mr Larry Dick who is vice president of administration). These people pray for every single staff member, every single ministry of RGBI, and every single student (in semester and out), every single week.

After this time of prayer I began my different interviews and meetings. Some of them were only 15-20 minutes, one of them was two hours, but they were all a joy and encouragement. Some of the meetings were very informal more exchanging stories of our life and work, and some of the meeting were more structured and covered most of my life story as well as why I was here, but again, they were all in a spirit of brotherly love and most of them concluding in a time of awesome prayer. And all of these people were first concerned about my walk with Christ and my reason for being there above what my skills were and anything else about me. It is very apparent to me that the Gospel of Christ and the spreading of the Gospel to the world is the center of every part of this place, whether that part is picking oranges by the winter volunteers, the broadcasting of their radio station (which at night reaches all the way into central America covering large parts of Mexico), or the sending out of students for hands on mission work in 9 different countries between semesters (right now), everything is about the Gospel being lived and proclaimed to the nations.

It seemed to me that about every other man that I met was a pastor of some church in the area (whether that man was a teacher or recruiter or radio broadcaster).

Presedent Larry Windle
Photo from RGBI website
The two hour meeting that I had was with the school president, the "big dog" as Larry said (Larry Dick not Larry Windle). It was definitely one of the best meetings all day (if not the very best... actually I just say that) it was the best meeting all day. It started out with him not hardly doing any talking, only asking questions, and when he had heard most all of my story (growing up, family, testimony, my vision/calling, skills, etc) he shared with me his story, how he came to follow Christ, his time in South America, and how his pursuit of getting the Gospel to South America had led him to this school as the president. And then he shared his vision for how video can and is being used to train and disciple leaders in South America and Mexico.
As with most of the meetings it was a sharing and establishing of our bond in Christ and then it moved to a collaborating and sharing of vision of how the Gospel can be furthered. It is strongly believed and acted upon here that they are training and teaching Latinos not just for pastoring and working in South America but to be sent into all the world. And this is happening. India and Africa and all different parts of the world are hearing the Gospel from people sent out from this school. Both because these students are willing, ready, called, and also because they are able to go to and be effective in places that a white American cannot effectively reach.

Larry Dick and his wife Sandi
Photo (not from me. lol Should have taken
a few pics I guess)
I want to thank Mr Larry Dick, Ted Paschke, Bob Crane, Daniel De Leon, Larry Windle and everyone else! Who was so good to me during this day. Whether God does lead me to come and work and live with you this day was a blessing to me. (also thank you for the dinner Mrs Sandi Dick!)

Ok, so now you guys are all like "SO ARE YOU GOING OR NOT?" right? lol!
So I will try to give you a few of the details.
Mr Larry Dick will receive a report back from each person that I interviewed with. He said either a "Yes" "Maybe" or "No" will be given from each one. Then based on those reports he will give his recommendation to the board of executives (I think they're called. It seemed there were a few different boards in the process). Then if they approve (assuming all the reports recommended "Yes") Larry will send me the application forms and the core doctrines forms. Either way though Larry Dick will be letting me know. It will probably be mid July before I know whether I continue in the application process or not. Oh yeah, and for my part, obviously I still want to pray about it, but at this point I feel I will go forward if the board excepts.

Another thing I found out is that the reason I have not received a job description yet is because if I am excepted I will be part of making the job description (isn't that how it always is on the mission field? lol). They were very upfront about this once I started asking the questions (I wanted to know what I'd be doing more specifically than "videography"), and there was a good exchange of "vision" "purpose" and the like. Please pray for me on this point though! I am going to talk further via phone with the two guys I'd mainly be working with/under. I do need to know somewhat of what I'd be doing because I want to make sure I can fill that role. So PLEASE pray on this point that God will direct.

I also got to meet one of the students and one of the newer staff (who I'd be working with some) both of which are a few years older than me. The Staff member, Micah, was in much the same position as me two years ago. These were impromptu meetings as I walked down the street and they were a blessing as well.

Well the day concluded with an awesome dinner with Mr Larry Dick and his wife at their house (on campus) along with Gary Williams and his wife. It was a good day. I had left the house at 7:00am and got back at 9:45pm. It was a good FULL day. lol! I believe it was directed by God. Thank you ALL for your prayers on my behalf. I know there were MANY people praying for me. Please continue your prayers and I pray for you as well (though probably not so well as you pray for me).

I love you my family in Christ. And sorry this post is so long.
Dios te bendiga!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Pictures of life

Here are some of the pictures from the last couple days. Mostly of the time I got to spend with the Solis family and with Mario.

Angela testing out the new slide on the playground what was just finished Thursday at the camp next door.

Alondra climbing the ropes

Peter sizing up the slide (a fare way down for someone his size

America and Alondra steering the ship the cool evening sea breeze blowing in their hair

The Solis family and Mario+ gathered around to say "Hello" and Hola" to Olivia and the Suttons

"There ain't nuff room for the both of 'em in this fridge" (don't know why) "There's gona have to be a shoot out"

At the Solis house for lunch 

Angela helping out her little sister Tesarita

Sibling love (a little too much love for Peter at the moment)

"Ready! Draw!" Keeping it simple and fair. Tostada with fried egg and pepper jack cheese 

Mario serving up the food


Pablo and Zack chowing down

Eyeing up the opponent