Thursday, May 31, 2012

The plane leaves next Thursday, and I have my ticket! (a long expected update, and the beginning of a new flight)

I'm leaving for Texas! I really really want my brothers and sisters in Christ to be informed and in prayer for me. SO, this blog comes alive again! I will be posting regularly if order to achieve this.

In order to bring you up to date I have written a support letter (which is awaiting a proof read since I am horrible at grammar) explaining some of the details of this trip (internship) to Texas. I will post this very soon.

I know I have not been doing a good job of updating here on the blog. A part of this has been so many questions. There have been opportunities brought to my attention with long term implications, and I just didn't have much idea of what was going to happen. I had hopes though, and I didn't want to write out all my hopes (ideas) and then none of it happen. This is not really a good excuse though so I do apologize for my lack of clarity and info.

Anyway, one of these opportunities is to apply for a position (and if I get it) work at The Rio Grande Bible institute. This is very exciting for me as I have actually started the process of application. If you aren't familiar with the RGBI (which most of you probably are not) you should check out the web site real quick. But whether or not you do that you can know this. RGBI is a completely Hispanic Bible school (meaning all their courses are in Spanish, not that there are no bilingual people there). They train and teach pastors and missionaries from all over South America. 

You know I'm not going to go into all the details of that. It seems to me that I've talked about the RGBI in a previous post. If you haven't read it just go back and check it out. One of our teams from the spring got to take a tour of the campus (while I had some interviews with some of the staff). Also I will attach a link to the doc I wrote up for the elders explaining the position, opportunity, and why I feel called to serve in this way.  Opportunity in Texas  Click on that and you'll be able to read a pretty thorough explanation, including raising support, and the language program and such.

Right NOW though I want to tell you that I've submitted my pre-application, Pastor Scott has sent the pastor's reference forms (you can read all about the process for application in the link), AND they've asked me to come down and do the two days of interviews with them! This is good! This will be two full days of interviews (with over 20 people they tell me). This is where I really figure out what I'd be getting myself into and where they really figure out who I am. These interviews will be during the dates of June 18-22.

So please pray for that as well. I'll probably update you on that when it gets closer (yeah I know its close now but there are other things even CLOSER! like leaving for Texas in less than a week) Did I mention that I have a ticket that will get me on a plane to Texas next week?
Anyway, for this my big prayer request is that I will be totally open and honest about who I am and what I can do. I do not want to appear other than I really am during these interviews. Second request would be for wisdom during these interviews, that I can learn what I need to learn and make wise choices that will honer God.

SO Pray for me my brothers and sisters in Christ!

  • Spiritual preparedness and readiness to share the Gospel and lean on the Lord's strength.
  • Financial blessing from God as the budgeted cost for the trip will be $1500
  • discipline in my commitments and duties and devotion
  • For those who I am going to serve in Mission Texas. I could list a host of names right here right now but I won't (yet! ;-)

This is how I started my support letter and this is how I'll close this (so you can get a head start)

Fellow members of the body of Christ. Your prayers are needed. Your support as the living, breathing, active, and fit for every service body of Christ, is needed...

And now I'll add... to reach they lost, to strengthen the church, to bring glory to Christ! NOT because he needs us! But because we need him! We seek his joy and find it in sharing his love that he has given us. The love that is shown to us on the cross where he died for us that we might live... for him!

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