Thursday, March 29, 2012

Video Updates from Mission Texas by Sarah Weber, Craig Kopp, and Christian Brandon

Here are some video updates I've finally got together from our last trip to Mission Texas with Psalm 67 Missions Network. Check them out and see what the people who went have to say.

Sarah's Update from Mission Texas. Sarah went on the January trip as well so she had a head start with all the kids this time around, though Blake and his mad "swinging around in circles" skill has won him just as many little friends. 
To read more about the trip (Sarah has the best blog posts on the trip so far) go to her blog at

Here's Craig with the Kopp report. Craig is from First Baptist church Desoto and it was awesome to have him on the trip. He helped recreation, playing with kids nonstop, and with keeping things cool. Oh! and in case you didn't know this trip held a lot of "firsts" for Craig. You'll have to look at pictures and ask him yourself what he thought of all the new lands he discovered, and just how salty that "Big blue wet thing" was.
In the background are small teams handing out fliers for the VBS. Each team has a one of the kids with them to help with translation.

Christian was very thankful and excited to be able to go on this trip. He was very useful in coming up with games and activities. In fact some of the games we had used on the trip before in January we got from him. Christian also has some crazy tactical strategy skills that can catch anything from Jack rabbits to who knows what using only a dedicated team of followers and whatever he can find around him (again you will have to ask him or one of the team to explain, or get someone with writing skills like Sarah to write it up. It was more than I could capture with a camera. That's for sure!)

And last but not least (or maybe on this post it is) Reeeed Mango!!!
If you have heard any of the team talking about the trip you may have heard of Red Mango. So whether you are entirely curious about what is so special about Red Mango or you really don't care at all, here is a video that doesn't do much explaining about it. 
Hopefully if you were thinking about going to Texas with Psalm 67 this video doesn't totally make you think that we are a bunch of crazy weirdos. You're supposed to have to come with us to Texas to find that out. 

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