Friday, March 23, 2012

Sarah Weber's updates on the Texas mission trip (links and pictures)

Since it is taking me so long to get around to telling everyone anything. I am going to go ahead and just post the links to Sarah's blog post with a few pictures. So yeah this post feels pretty lame BUT that's OK! because her posts are awesome! So go read them and learn some of what happened on this last trip and how to be praying.

I will hopefully be able to post some of my own thoughts and updates (maybe videos) before to to long.

Kim, Gennie, and Sarah with Lesley 

Peter (at least in English I think it is)
Hermano Solis



Gennie and Hector

Jaime and his little brother and Marco

Juan and Christian (three legged race!)

Reyrey and... (hmm not sure)



Samantha, Blake and Mario's little sister (Sarah could probably tell you)

I think this is Naillyn (but I could be wrong), and Olivia


Elmer (despite strongly stating he could swim he was still quite worried looking once he got in the boat)

Marco and Chris



  1. Words are so much more when pictures accompany them! Thank you for using your gift to share what I can't describe.

  2. Mario's little sister is Alondra. She is a doll!

  3. Yeah I know. Its a good thing Her and Samantha are as young as they are or Blake would be in trouble!