Thursday, March 15, 2012

The (mis)Adventure to Jitters coffee shop - as told by Sarah Weber

March 14, 2012

Early this morning I stumbled out the door to attempt to jog with my adventurous and athletic friends. For me, that is entirely out of the ordinary and rather insane, but I went. I kind of wanted to see how far I could make it, and we were going to a coffee shop. Who could say no to that?

Almost immediately the boys pulled ahead while the girls' pace fluctuated dramatically. Gentleman that he is, Billy stayed behind with us, but we knew that he wanted to run ahead and beat everyone there. None of us wanted to hold him back, and we knew where we were going, so after a little while we convinced him that it would be okay if he sped up. Besides, the rest of the group wasn't too far ahead.

Due to a lack in communication, however, our morning took an interesting turn - literally. To beat the rest of the group to Jitters, Billy took a short-cut. Without thinking we followed him on to Bryan Road and soon lost him in the darkness of pre-dawn.

For a while things went well, but our destination seemed much further away that any of us remembered. We were going rather slow, though, so it didn't seem too strange. We just walked and joked about what we would do if a drug cartel tried to kidnap us. And walked. And walked. And jogged a little. And then walked some more.

After a while we got a phone call from the guys, wondering where we were...

... (Billy) I had run ahead to Jitters, gotten there ahead of the others guys (it wasn't a short cut by the way it was a long cut), and decided to run back and meet them as they came. I also wanted to check on the girls to make sure they were coming along just fine. The first person I met on my way back was Blake. I asked him if he knew how far behind the girls were. He told me he had seen the girls turn down the street I had turned onto. So him and me took off taking different streets to see if we could find them. I was pretty sure the girls wouldn't be able to easily find their way through the subdivisions I had run through to get ahead of the guys.

Well after we ran all the way back through the subdivisions we decided to run back to Jitters. If they weren't there we run back to the house to get the van. After getting 3/4 of the way back to Jitters Blake decided to give Kim's phone a call even though he didn't think she had brought it. When she answered we thought with relief that surely, wherever little subdivision road they were lost on. we would find them now...

(Sarah) Certain that we would run into them at any minute, we kept them on the phone and continued our journey, which quickly led us to a place where trees shrouded the road in lampless darkness. I thought briefly that if we were ever going to be in danger, it would be there. But I also wasn't worried. Sure, I prayed extra for safety, but the guys had already come that way, right? And they would never lead us through danger.

While I was thinking such thoughts, two things happened. One, it occurred to Gennie that maybe Billy had taken a different route, and two, a black minivan slowed down almost to a stop behind us, and then drove away. Creepy, but safe. We attribute our not being kidnapped to the grace of God, and the fact that Gennie was clearly talking on a cell phone.

As we continued to walk and talk, and the sky began to lighten, it seemed more and more that we were headed further and further out of town. But ahead we could see another stoplight, so we pressed on in hope that it was the last. Before we reached it, however, we came to a sign that read: "Entering City of Palmhurst". Until today, I'd never actually been inside of Jitters, but I did know for a fact that it was in the city of Mission. Left without a doubt, we turned around and headed back...

... Blake and I after a lot more talking on the phone found out they were still on Bryan road. The same road they had turned onto way back at the beginning. They had never turned into the subdivisions at all but had just kept on going, and going, and going! So I handed they phone back to Blake and took off down road 495 (we had just come up Mayberry) till I got to Bryan. After affirming the direction of  Mile 2 road from a guy on a motorcycle there at the stop light, I started running north Bryan road...

... At long last we were reunited with Billy and Blake, and like long-lost sheep they shepherded us back to the coffee shop, which was far, far away from where we'd been! It was so nice to finally reach our destination. Best of all, due to a mix up in orders, I ended up with a free iced latte.

In the end, I thought it was a fantastic adventure. Aside from the blisters, it was very fun, and having such a story to tell is definitely worth it all. I think I may be the only one who feels that way, though.

Love and Peace,

(Billy Jackson)
Yes I think Sarah is the only one that feels that way. We are definitely NOT having another one of these adventures. I did some measuring on the map. According to Google maps the Girls got about 3 miles down the road and Blake and I did over 10 miles of running getting to Jitters, realizing the girls were lost, finding them, and then finally getting them to Jitters and back home.

On the map B is where the church is, A is Jitters, C is where the girls turned off, and D is where they went to. Me and Blake got to them a few minutes after they finally turned around.

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