Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Craig's Post, as typed (and edited) by Sarah + Craig pictures

(small tag note by Billy) - As you can see a full day of work in Mission Texas can leave you somewhat crazy and as if only half your mind is left (having drained the rest on crazy, lovable kids) on top of this Craig Kopp is quite crazy anyway.

Today was an exciting day. And Blake's face got messed up from a little girl. And Gennie doesn't like peppers because they're too peppery. And the girls went to Palmhurst. The girls went on a three-hour tour. And Christian stepped on a rusty nail. hahahaha. Craig is strange. What? Strange? What? Strange? What? You really repeat what I say? You're not doing it right. I said... You're slow at typing. Oh yeah? This smells like candles in here. Period. Send. Blakeyboy. -That is a crazy...- Gennie... Gennie smells... like a beautiful flower. Beautiful flowers? That's not right! You are a horrible newspaper person. I'm going to bed. [exit]

Craig - "That? That is Mexico!" "Yep"

"That? That there is the Ocean"
"Them?" "Them's Seagulls" "I've been teaching them to get in line if they want part of my taco"

As you can see though this trip contained many firsts for Craig he now has much expertise in many subjects of travel. Here are some more Craig Kopp pictures.

Craig wishing someone would come bury him

An experience...



In Saltiness.
Thanks to Blake!

"Ahh... The Ocean waves"


  1. Hahaha!!! The pictures really make this post perfect. I miss Texas.

  2. This is hilarious. Haha. Nice job Sarah.