Monday, March 12, 2012

Arriving in Mission Texas by guest blogger Christian Brandon

Christian Brandon - Psalm 67 Mission Network team member, in Mission Texas

Our Team:
1. Arron Sutton
2. Racheal Sutton
3. Sarah Weber
4. Gennie Jackson
5. Billy Jackson
6. Blake Pollock
7. Craig Kopp
8. Christian Brandon
9.  Kim Lee
10. Rick Clausel 

We arrived at our destination on Friday at 4:00 evening. The first day we mostly slept and ate , but we did get some things done:

  • Me and Blake climbed up into the attic to try and mount a projector 
  • We met Hermano Hugo and Hermano Solis who were both Christians and helped us with our work projects and other chores around the church. We became quick friends with all of them.
  • Aaron tricked me into eating a  chile toreados. I had to drink four glasses of Horchata to cool down.  

Saturday was the day we went to the surrounding neighborhoods in the village to hand out fliers and ask people to come to VBS. We took two-Spanish-speakers with us brother and sister Enrique(12) and Leslie(8)  who were a huge help as translators for us. The majority of the kids we talked to lived in trailer parks and impoverished conditions. One common thread in these families is that they lack a father figure in the home. As we begin this VBS program I pray that we will be able to show them their true Father.    

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