Tuesday, March 6, 2012

"All of Me" is here, But I am leaving for Texas in two days!

The music video that I shot before the Christian Life Conference in Wisconsin and have been working on since, as I've had time to. I wanted to get it done before leaving for Texas so here it is.

Please enjoy!

Anthony Gillingham is obviously a very talented piano player and big thanks to him for doing this with us. He had to play this whole song through multiple times while we recorded audio and video. Thanks to Andrew for getting the sound recorded so nicely and thank you to Andrew and Amber for helping cover all the angles with the cameras getting all the footage we needed.
photo by Andrew Gillingham
After getting back from Texas I will be tackling the job of editing the rest of the conference video. It is going to be a lot more than I've ever tackled before but I think it will be very good for me. Just pray that I can meet it head on and get through it with out bogging down. Also pray that I will do a good job. These messages have very good truth in them, and the messages for Norm Wakefield will be used through his Elijah Ministries. There are a few other things like interviews and stuff to do as well. 

NOW! All that behind us for a week or two. I leave for Texas in two days! Thursday the 8th. I am ready for this trip to begin! My friends Blake and Christian from WI will be coming on the team this time and besides them we have three more people added to the number that went last time. SO we are ready to take on more of those Flying Chanclas! (we THINK! lol we were SO not ready last time!) 
It was such a blessing last time in many ways that I was not looking for. So I'm looking for more unlooked for blessings this time.
Besides this, on this trip I will be meeting with the Rio Grande Bible institute to discuss the videographer position open at the school and whether it is for me. I will be talking to two people in charge of video production for the school (promotional material and lecture video) as well as the Vice President.
Please pray that I will be able to gather all the information I need to make a good decision. And pray that if it would be good for me to work there at the school they will think well of my skills and experience level. AND thank if they want me to work there I will be able to get free language tuition which would be my reason for going in the first place. 

Pray for us throughout the weeks we are gone 8th-19th that we will have Christ like servant attitudes, that we will seize opportunity to share the gospel, and that we will have awesome christian fellowship among the team (with no strife). 

Pray for the congregation of the church. There is not established leadership and the congregation is growing. Where there are people there are always problems and when there is no established leadership these problem can grow and cause much strife. Pray along these lines that God's grace and love would triumph or selfishness and pride.

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