Tuesday, February 21, 2012

On the GO! To Wisconsin and then back to Texas

The Lord has been working. He is always at work and he has allowed us to see some of what he is doing.

Tomorrow (Wed 2-22) I leave for Wisconsin to head up the video at the Christian Life Conference. http://www.christianlifeconference.com/  Please pray that the Lord would give me skillful hands and that I would do good work in capturing this conference, not only the messages, but the christian fellowship and spirit lead atmosphere as well. This is a BIG endeavor for me. To capture an event on camera is one thing. To capture what the blessing of christian fellowship feels and looks like is quite another thing. 
Pray that the Lord would pour out his spirit through the speakers and the worship and the fellowship. I am very excited that I get to stay with a christian family I know while I'm there along with others on the team that are helping with the logistical groundwork of the conference. It has already been pressed upon me though, and I whole heartedly agree, that all our striving is nothing unless the Lord is in it and he sends his spirit. I am really excited to be a part of a team that thinks like this!

While I am in Wisconsin I will be able to meet and catch up with some friends who, in the Lord's providence, will be coming with us on the next mission trip to Texas, which starts March 9th. Pray for this. It does appear that the Lord is blessing us with the larger team that we have been praying for. Specifically we have been praying for 10 or 11 teammates to go with us this time. 
Pray for this up coming trip to Texas through Psalm 67 Mission Network http://www.facebook.com/pages/Psalm-67-Missions-Network/350902765601   There will likely be many more kids this time, and of course there will be new challenges. We are all very much looking forward to what the Lord is going to do. We need to be in prayer though. We need a base support of people that will rise up and go with us in prayer, even now as we are preparing. 
Aaron Sutton and Rick have just returned from Texas and will be sending out an update soon I hope. And I will be able to give your more particulars for the trip and how to pray. For now pray that God would prepare our hearts to work hard in humility and service, and that God would prepare the hearts of the children and the church and the families in Mission Texas. 

Stay tuned for more news from Wisconsin! This is the first time for me doing this. My first time being in charge of more than one videographer (more than just me). So pray for me. I will try to do a good job keeping you updated.

Can I ask for a few more prayer requests?

  • Pray that more people would be draw to community prayer. (yes you can do that. It's kind of like desiring to desire God more) This is a strength of the church that is very neglected. 
  • Pray for a Missionary in Togo Africa, Benjamin Bonni. Pray that the Lord would provide for his family in a way that allows him to continue ministering to the lost and the church. His prayer is that God would provide the funds so that he can do full time ministry. Also pray that he can get good christian books. The church there has very few books and he has little way to get more. 
  • Pray for Gary Northcutt who is working in England right now. Pray that the Lord would bless his work helping him finish the work he has given him to do.  http://www.northcutt8.blogspot.com/


  1. One more prayer request!

    I have been mulling over in my head the last few days (actually weeks) "What should a mission report be like?"

    I have said before that I want to be doing more than just telling stories when I come back from a trip. I want to be telling THE story. So how does this work and feel and do?

    My prayer is that God will work in me so that when I give a report on missions I am reporting the truth of scripture work out in real life.

    Pray for this. It means that I have to know the scripture myself.

  2. We'll be praying, Billy. Looking forward to seeing you!