Tuesday, February 28, 2012

"Lord prepare us for your Mission Texas"

So even now as I pray and consider questions from the Christian Life Conference I am looking ahead with lots of excitement to our second mission trip to the Rio Grande Valley in Mission Texas.  The Lord has been answering our prayer for a team. It is very exciting for me to see the team forming up and getting ready. We will be having a team meeting Saturday for all who can attend and two at least will be sitting in via Google+ hangout. My good friends Christian Brandon and Blake Pollock from Wisconsin will be part of the team. I am very excited to get to work with them. I do not believe either of them has done mission work in this context before. I got to spend time with both of them while I was in Wisconsin and talk about the trip. 

Pray for us as we work to sort out the details that come with taking a larger group. Details such as travel plans (rising gas prices, the fact that the van is only seats 7 not 11, etc.) still need to be sorted out. We will find out in two days whether or not we will receive the $1000 scholarship from Kurt Warner's "First Things First" foundation so you can pray for that. 

If you are unfamiliar with the area of Mission Texas in the Rio Grande Valley (which I would bet that for the most part you are) and are still want to know more about why we are going, I encourage you to first find it on Google maps (pretty easy to do). Mission is very near the city of McAllen. 
Then watch this video to get a feel for the area and what Psalm 67's involvement there is. 

  • Please pray for our team as we leave March 8th. Please pray for our effectiveness in communicating the gospel through our words AND our actions. Pray that we would have servant hearts and ready to serve hands. Pray that as the "newness" wares off we would still be loving to these kids.
  • Please pray for me. I plan on meeting with the Rio Grande Bible institute while I am down there to discuss the position of Videographer for the school that is currently open. It is a volunteer position (you have to raise your own support as a missionary). Please pray that God will give me wisdom as I investigate. This could be an awesome open door that the Lord is leading me to, or it could not be what he has for me. It is very exciting to think about though. 
  • Please also continue to pray for me as I consider taking on the task of editing the video from the conference in Wisconsin. 
  • Please pray for Gary Northcutt who is working in England on a project right now. He has encountered server frustrating obsticals and has asked for continued prayer that the Lord would bless his work, his team, and allow him to finish on schedule (which may be a miracle at this point)

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