Monday, February 27, 2012

Home safe from Wisconsin

The Christian Life Conference in Wisconsin was a wonderful time! 

The Team that did the ground work to make the conference possible (at least part of the team. at a conference like this the whole entirety of everyone is part of the team)
Photo by Megan Pollock

Thank you everyone for your prayers! I know we had people from all over in Missouri, Wisconsin, and in more places praying for us. The time with the Rhoe family and the Pollocks was awesome. BIG Thanks the the Rhoe family for making me right at home in their home during the conference. Everything from the Nerf war with Jonny, to pingpong in the living room, to going sledding at 10:30 at night and building a snow man, where else can I find hospitality like that! And then the Pollocks, cherry on top they go get out the coffee maker just for me the only person in the house who drinks coffee. Thanks to the loving hospitality of these two families and others I had no need or lack of anything. I did not spend a single cent during the whole time with them.
And then another cherry on top, at the airport or won a paper airplane making contest while waiting to board the plane. Won a $25 gift voucher towards my next flight with Southwest. Go figure lol! 
Photo by Amber Gillingham

Photo by Amber Gillingham
So the conference itself went very well I think. Keep praying for the people who came. Pray that they will take back what they have heard and make it a part of their life.
I believe that the video went well. Again thank you for all your prayers for me as I worked. Besides the all the messages, we also did some interviews, and I captured plenty of footage of people as they interacted outside of the messages.

Photo by Amber Gillingham
So, PRAY now. I know I keep saying that. I am praying and considering taking on the editing work for the conference. It is a thought that has daunted me little. I think that it would be a good training and learning experience for me. I think it would be a very good service, the messages would be very useful and the video for the conference and the interviews would be useful. The question is, am I able to devote the time necessary to complete the project? Not just start it. But complete it and complete it well. There is no time crunch or quick turnaround need for the videos, never the less I believe I would probably have to take some time off from work for my dad. Even with no definite dead line I would not want the project to drag on indefinitely. So pray for me as I consider the job and what I may be able to do so that I can take it on.

Photo by Amber Gillingham
Again, BIG shout out to all the people in Wisconsin that made the conference so enjoyable. Everyone praise the LORD for his truth that was spoken during the conference. Thanks to Norm Wakefield, Dave Arevalo, and Eric Skelton for bringing the word to us. Thank you Norm for the ride back to the airport and the enjoyable conversation. Thank you Mike Rhoe for being the visionary leader and a constant reminder to go to the Lord in prayer. 

Photo by Andrew Gillingham
Stay tuned for video and footage. Whether I am able to edit all or some or none of the actual messages I will be working on some of the side videos Particularly a music video of "All of Me" played by Anthony, a sixteen year old with tons of talent. 

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