Friday, January 13, 2012

Vacation Bible school at Cristo El Rey baptist church

Mon evening we went to the beach. It was a wonderful time. I think the Lord was blessing us before the storm that hit us Wed. night (so to speak). 

For some reason I think most of us thought that this VBS thing with the kids would be easy. Aaron has lead camps and directed kids for years, I have been leading kids in games for some time now in different places including Bates Creek Camp, but what we had on our hands Wed. night was totally different. The kids were totally lovable but at the same totally lacking in discipline. It was a whirlwind we didn't keep up with very well that night. 

At the end of it after we had dropped off all the kids and made it back to the house we were just looking at each and trying to figure out "What are we going to do tomorrow night?", and in between discussion of change we would all burst out laughing like crazy at how many of the plans we thought were so perfect fell through the cracks and what became of the messes that followed. 

Despite what felt to us like total failure the Lord was good. He taught our team some things and we did earn a little of the respect of the kids in certain areas. Plus I think the Lord was getting us ready for the blessing of the next night...

Go ahead and watch the video if you want.

This video does not portray all the craziness of the day. In fact these are the sanest times as 
the craziest time required me to put down the camera.

The next night, Thu night, was SO much better. We totally restructured the schedule, and we concentrated on containing and controlling the kids. So the beginning meeting with all the kids together left. Only small groups now. The music time moved from the big sanctuary where it was impossible to keep all the kids in line to a small room where Rick had wonderful success in teaching the kids the songs that the night before they would not hardly listen to. We moved all the tables and chairs out of the craft room and had the kids just sit on the floor. Most importantly we implemented a list of things to do before the kids could go to their next activity. They are very simple, but it made a BIG difference. Before they left they had to
  • Clean the mess
  • Line up at the door and be listening
  • We would remind them of expectations
  • We would pray with them
This simple list, the other changes we made, and the Lords abundant blessing made us feel so much happier that night. After the struggle the first night it was hard to stop laughing about how well the night has gone. Much thanks and praise to the Lord!

When the kids would come out of the lesson room and go to crafts they could tell Sarah all about the four soils and how we need a good heart, when they left Sarah's room they were ready to listen because they would not get to take home the "Ooblick" they made unless they were good, and praise the Lord! As they left Rick's room to go the lesson they would be singing and shouting the songs! We thought at first there must be problems going on in Rick's room because of the noise was lifting the roof off in there.

But when I went in there they were all under control and in order. I asked if they were having vocal exercises. "Oh no" says Rick "That was only our big crescendo! Want to hear it again?" If you have ever heard Rick Clausel end "Awesome God" please imagine this. All the kid raising their voices as high and as loud and you can imagine, in one voice to the Lord our God. It was truly awesome!
I have video that I will be working on tonight so that hopefully you all will be able to see some of what I am talking about.

Pray for us tonight! 

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