Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Pictures and Update from the first few days in Texas

So I didn't take hardly any pictures on Fri, Sat, or Sun, it wasn't till Monday that I really got my camera out I think and... is this Tue? Already? I got some pictures and video while out with Aaron today. But I won't be showing those yet as I have to go through them and we are getting ready to meet the hermanas (the women of the church. there is only one man) to go hand out fliers in the community. It should be a lot of fun so stay ready for those pictures as well.

But I do want to show the pictures that I have. Video will be coming later.

 Getting ready for the day. (it can be tougher that you think sometimes)
 It was kind of cool getting to see the Language school campus and getting to talk to Steve and Robin Henry for a little bit. Afterwards we came back to the house and had lunch with them.

One of the housing options on campus 

 We got to drive by a bunch of police, border patrol and a hovering helicopter who were looking people in this orange orchard.

Now Aaron wants every one to know that mission trips are not all beaches and sunsets, and that the following pictures only depict a small span of time in the over all time trip, and that really missions is lots of hard work.

The drive to the beach

It was super windy at the beach! But it was super fun! There was the sand...
... and the sand castles...

...and the awesome sunset!!!
It was also crazy crazy windy!

Thank you to Sarah for being such an awesome model for pictures! It was great fun!

And so concluded an awesome evening!

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