Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A quick review of where God has taken me in the last year or so (In Pictures!)

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In other words... there are not enough words!... or time. God is working all across this world in marvelous ways. These are just a few of the glimpses of that work that he has blessed me with. Just try to imagine the greatness of God's plan for the nations! 

Each of these pictures is part of a story. A part of a story I have seen and, given the opportunity, would tell it to no end. Many of you have experienced this first hand. There is not time to tell all the stories God has blessed me with. Well just think... God can see the story of ALL the nations! Every single person of the billions of people. Not only their story but how it connects with all the rest of the grand symphony that he is orchestrating. How long it would take to hear that story!

"Lord please continue to do your work in your children. Lord please reveal to me more and more of your grand master story, from beginning to end. Lord please use me to tell others of the your wonderfully great love and mercy and grace that was shown to us in Jesus Christ."

You know, right now the greatest point in the story is when Jesus, the son of God, came and took the punishment for our rebellion. BUT! The culmination is still coming. Jesus is coming back! Coming back to rein as king over his eternal kingdom.

If anyone want to hear more of this story tell me! I'll gladly tell you all I know.

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  1. Loving your work, Billy! The Lord is using you, so keep it up, brother.