Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pictures from our last day at this house

Here are the pictures from our last day of work at Kato San's house (You know "San" is like "Mr" or "Mrs" so I'm not sure its proper to put the "'s" after it).  You can see all of them at the Picasa Web album (by link only this time because of the home owners)  picasaweb.google.com

 Earl Hard at work!

 John hard at work

Wes does not like his picture being taken. So this is me showing Wes... and the DARK SIDE of Wes

And this is the real Wes. LOL

This is a shrine in the home that we finished. When we first came it had a statue in it and was all set up. On the third day when we came it looked like this. Praise God if it is being done away with by the home owners.

This is Wes Threatening me with the shop vac. He said he was going to suck me up camera and all! (actually I asked him to point it at the camera lens "Who knows? It may look cool")

The boys getting ready for their picture.

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