Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Pictures From Japan

This guy's name is Rick. He reminds me of Brig Jones.

This day was my turn to help the delivery truck deliver all the supplies to the different teams.
There were many supplies to be delivered. Also there were many tools in the cab of the truck. So I rode in the bed of the truck and held down all the materials. (wait till you see the video I got)

Finding places in Japan is much the same as finding places in the USA. 

We use google maps... (this link will show you where we stayed, and where we worked each day.)

Cell phones...

and of course a good driver always helps. These guys are pros. Its fun watching them work (and fun working with them when I'm not watching lol!)

Unloading and loading a lot!

This is Maoto (known as Mao) and part of his family. Mao has been an awesome God given member of our team, and it was great to get to meet his mother and and brother and sister who stopped by to visit. They live about 5 hours south of where we work, but had been up for a few days volunteering at another base.  Mao's mother has a distinctly more American accent to her English than Mao does.(at least to my mind)

A dead fish next to the house where we were working.

We pass this bridge every evening on the way home. There is almost always a beautiful sunset.

There were some Billy Graham chaplains at the base Sunday. They helped us worship the Lord together, and we had communion together as well. They were a blessing.

Mao is being translator for the day at devotion time

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