Tuesday, November 1, 2011

One House Finished!

I did not mean to post today. In fact I did not even bring my camera to work today. BUT! Guess what! We finished our first house! In less than one week! And have no fear. I stole Gary's camera to take pictures.
It was good today. We worked long, but for me it was easier work (the other guys had it a lot harder as the were working on the closets all day), and it was well worth it.  At the end John thanked the home owners, Kato San (totally not sure on the spelling), and shared with them why we did this for them. Then he went on to share the Gospel with them. It was awesome!  I have much more to learn from this man than just carpentry skills!  I talked about it some at sharing time tonight, and I wrote it down because I want you to hear as well.
"Today we finished a house.  The best part of the whole process for me… was hearing John share the gospel with Kato San, with the home owners.  He did so well.  He did not hurry.  He did not try to make them totally comprehend and act on the gospel that second.
I have enjoyed learning from John’s carpentry skills, skills which I am sadly lacking in sometimes. But more than that I have now enjoyed learning from his skill in presenting the gospel. I am afraid I am to often lacking in those skills as well. John keeps thanking us for being here, I want to thank him for being the leader he is for us."
Billy, John, Wes, Earl, Mau, Gary, with Kato San and his wife in front.

We start on a new house tomorrow, but there will be a house dedication in a few days.  The pastor of the local church (the building of which was just finished by Samaritan's Purse) will come along with our team and possibly others I'm not sure (the higher ups people of SP possibly), and we will present a bible to the family. I've not been to one of these yet so I really look forward to it.

Pictures should be coming soon. I will updates this with pictures as soon as I can. Its just that I did not trust myself to get all the pictures ready and then write this tonight.

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