Saturday, November 5, 2011

More about life in Japan, and the start of a new house

In one of my emails to my church I mentioned that there are many spiritual blessings here in Tome Japan at the Samaritan's Purse base camp.  One of which is just being around people that love the word of God.  It is harder to make time for God's word when there is so much to do in a day, but that does not stop us.  
 Each morning someone leads us in devotion. Usually is is something that they had read in the scripture recently.  Some times it is personal testimony.
This is Rich.  He has been living in Japan for 19 years.  I haven't gathered all the details yet, but I think he is a missionary slash pastor. 
As Rich shares, Daniel translates for the Japanese portion of our group.  Sometimes our translators are translating from English to Japanese, and sometimes vice-versa. In this case Daniel was doing both as Rich would sometimes fall into Japanese when he wanted to make sure something was clear to the people he has come to serve.

John has given all of us the Steppin Out Team copies of the book "Radical". We have all been reading it when we can. 
You can see in this picture the bed shelf that Earl has built for himself (and how my bed next to his lacks one)
This is a picture from the next days devotion and the picture bellow is a picture of Scott during sharing time. 
 Each evening after dinner there is a sharing time. A time to tell others what God has done for you or your project, what has happen that day that was significant, or what kind of interaction with the homeowners there was.  This is Scott Zukeran.  He is from Hawaii.
And below is Daniel translating again for us. 

And here is our new house!  Its a big one by Japanese standards. We started on it last Wednesday. When we first looked at it John was thinking it would take our last three weeks to finish it (it has a whole room that we had to rebuild the floor joists in), then once we started he said we should shoot for two weeks. Now we are pushing to get it done next week! We have got alot done in the last three days! We have been working pretty long days so that is why the blog post have been less frequent and I am now behind. Sorry about that.  Today is Saturday, and our team is working today.  Our team is hard core (or at least John is!).  The rest of the teams will be taking the day off or doing some projects at the temporary housing site.

 Wes taking a good look at the damage done by the Tsunami. 
 Beginning work at the new house.

The next few pictures are some of my ping-pongin' buddies. Some of them are pretty good.  We play some evenings in the kitchen tent which also serves as a work office sometimes. It takes about five minutes to complete the transformation from office/kitchen to ping pong room.

 The staff group here is a fun-loving group of guys and girls. Last night (Fri night) we went out for sushi and bowling (to expensive to repeat but fun!).  I am grateful that there are people here to do stuff with every once in a while.  Also these guys have a level of maturity that is rare in a group like this.  They get things done and are always always ready to pitch in and get a job done.  A small example is on our way to the vans to go bowling we loaded two vans full (stuffed full) of kerosene heaters and water tanks that were going to be taken to the temporary housing the next day (temporary housing for the Japanese without homes).
So this is another way that God has blessed me in addition to having a great team (Steppin Out), and a great group here that loves the Lord.

We have met with the home owner of the new house now. Unlike the house before there is no one living in the house. 
We had more adventures today including getting stuck about an hour from the base because the van stopped working (I will explain all that later).

If you would like to look at more pictures from our trip you can go to   and look for the SPJapanShare albums

Until next time! (hopefully soon!) Sorry for being several days behind with pictures right now.


  1. Hey Billy! So appreciate these updates! Thanks for your time you put into this so we can keep up with what your doing. I am emailing it to family/friends. Dorothy Yoder (Earl's better half!) :-)

  2. Hey Billy, tell Earl he needs to build you a shelf too!

  3. Thank you! You are welcome!
    Actually he already offered to do that. I told him not to worry about it. I may be recruiting someone to help me soon though. We have another team mate coming in a day or two.

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