Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Last week in Japan

It is getting close. Our time here in Japan is running out.  We are all wanting to work longer and work our best because we want to see these families helped and we know we have limited time the we personally get to help.

We started a new house today and finish the third house that we have worked on. The new house is right across the driveway from the other one and the families are related.  Again, please pray that we go out strong.  

I have not been able to keep up with the pictures but I will post the ones I have ready.  The video I am working on will take me longer than I want it to so I am not sure when it will be ready.  

We are now not sure if we will be able to have a house dedication (of one of our houses) before we leave.  

Did I tell you guys how great the people working here are?  All the people here young and old are using their various talents to spread the gospel and bring glory to the Lord.  There are gifted, hard working, crazy people here.

Ok here are some pictures.

 The Circles mark houses that the Steppin' Out team has done. The number 57 house is the one we just completed today. If you click the map you can see you can see on google the location of the last house we worked on. At least as close as I can guess.

 The lady in the middle is the home owner of the second house we did. She is here sharing her story of the Tsunami along with her father and mother.
 The Father is a retired whale fisherman. 
 Morning Sunrise on the way to work

 A cook out at the local church. The building was just recently finished by Samaritan's Purse workers (I believe the last Steppin' Out team helped with this)

 Eating Lunch at the work site. This is Daniel. He helps head up the volunteer mud out crews.
 This is the house we just finished today. It is great that the next house is so close because the home owner here still brings us coffee! And today was a very windy cold day.
 This is Bruce. (he has a blog too) The newest member of our team. There should be a separate post by itself but time does not suffice.
This is Hero. Our head cook. He cooks very good food.
I would like you to take note of this room as well. Every other night or so we transform the space by the back door (where the two tables are) into our ping pong area.

And this is Hesedel who is the assistant cook. She cooks very good food too, even though she does eat raw squid from time to time. (LOL! you have to watch the fishing video) 

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  1. I am loving all your posts and pictures. Between Bruce's letters and skype and your updates, I almost feel like I am there. I am in spirit. Thank you for the work you are all doing Team!