Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Big House is finished! (and our little adventure)(.. which we were rescued from)

Today we started a new house AND we finally got to meet the owner of the house we just finished yesterday.  We got to sit down and hear story about what happen to her and her family when the Tsunami hit.  I took video and audio recording so hopefully I will be able to tell a little of the story once I put it together.  Once again John was able to share the gospel both the home owner and her parents.  It was wonderful. 

We are still waiting to have the dedication for the first house we finished. Now we have two dedications to do. At the dedication the local pastor shares the gospel again (and this time without an interpreter), and we give them a Bible. I can not wait! I hope we will be able to have both dedications before we leave.  

I have pictures of the family, Kobayshi San so that I don't have to keep saying home owners, that I took today and will soon put on the Picasa web albums.  

Now, with John's permission I would like to show a few pictures from our story last Saturday.
Sorry there are so many pictures but I didn't have much else to do and the situation was kinda funny. 

So there we were stranded in the middle of who knows where (actually John might be able to tell you but I had no clue), and hour from the base, no translator because it was Sat. (day off for all those who want it), and the van had quit before we had got a hundred feet from the Gas station we had just filled up at.

 We were waiting for help.  By the providence of God there were two men from the base about 20 minutes from us. 

John had called them, explained their predicament, and they were supposedly on their way to save us.
 While we were waiting for them to come get us we waited.

...and waited

and waited... actually we didn't have to wait all that long. It's just that we really couldn't do anything to help while we waited. 

 And Help Arrives!

So while we were trying to siphon out all the diesel the John had inadvertently put in our gas tank, oh yeah we found out that the green pump mean diesel. It's the red pump that puts gas in the van.  We also found out  that the smell test does not always work in Japan. So back to us trying to siphon the diesel (I say trying because we only got 30 of the 52 litters of diesel out), we were doing our best (actually Justin and John were. The rest of us were watching) when finally someone from the gas station came over with a person that could speak English. They looked at our receipt and confirmed our fear. We had put diesel in the tank. 

In John's defense, up  till now all the gas stations that we had stopped at there was a station attendant there to pump the gas for us and at this station there was no one there to help (the pump itself wouldn't stop talking in Japanese John said)

So we pushed the van back across the street to the station.

 and there while the station guy drained the rest of the diesel Justin told about his previous experiences with Stepping Out accidents (such as a cracked windshield)

Then we pushed the van back to the pump...

Were the station guy instructed us in the proper use of the pump. 

So the question is... "How many gringos (yes "gringos" is a word in use here) does it take to fill a gas tank?"
The answer is "Well... it only takes one to fill it with diesel"

 And then the van started! 


There are a whole bunch of pictures of other stuff I will show in the next post.  Many of them are just random pictures from the day. 

Here are the links to the last couple albums I've uploaded

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