Saturday, November 26, 2011

Fishing Trip in Japan Video

A video of our Fishing trip in Japan... Plus Breakfast afterwards! Probably some of the freshest breakfast I've ever had.
Feel free to ask questions. It was a crazy cool morning.
The Fisherman was Sudo San (along with his brothers I believe). He was one of the first people helped by Samaritan's Purse in this area. Some of the fish that we had back at the base for dinner was given by him. We had Salmon, shrimp, oysters.

You just wait till you see the breakfast we had on this morning!...

I am working on my Collage project now.  Hopefully it will be something worth watching and will give you a better idea of what is going on in Japan.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My Computer is back! And Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

My computer is back up and running. Praise the Lord! It took a lot of work, but I was able to do all the work myself (with a helpful start from my dad and the use of the command prompt). Right now all the video and photos are being copied back to the computer from an external hard drive.

So while the computer was down I shared an update through email using Gary Northcutt's computer (thank you very much Gary!).  I would like to post that update now for anyone who didn't get the email...

Hello Church family,

I am emailing from Gary's computer because last night mine would not boot.  It does not look good so please pray that I will be able to at least get my video and photos off it once I get home. This also means I will not have those videos ready for a while and this is the last update from me.

Today was a good day of work but we did not get the house finished like we had anticipated. We still have about two hours of work left. 
Oh Yeah and we did get to go to the dedication of the second house we completed. That was yesterday. AND the house we just got done with this week, we will have the dedication for that one and the house we are on now tomorrow morning.  SO we are leaving early tomorrow at 6:15 or so so that we can get the house done before the dedications.  It is pretty awesome that we will be able to have three dedication when a two days ago I didn't know if we were going to see any of them.

The dedication we went to was good. Worship, hymns, and preaching of the gospel. It was not translated this time because we want nothing to hinder the sharing of the gospel to the home owners.

The story of the home owner who's house we are doing know is the craziest of any of them so far.  I'll have to tell you most of it another time, but two things now. Many of this couple's neighbors were killed. There are many places where there used to be houses where now it is empty. The other thing is this guy is a seaweed farmer. When the earthquake hit he actually got on his bike and headed to the sea to try and save his boat. I'm not sure what he realized at first and what he did not, but once he got the sea he saw for himself that he was in big trouble.  I'll have to tell the rest later.

Pray for us! Last two days! We will be leaving the base Sun. and then leaving Tokyo Mon.
Also Pray for Earl who is part of our team. He will be staying for another two weeks after we leave.  Pray for Japan that God's grace would continue to pour out here his Spirit would come alive powerfully here in the local church.  Pray for our team and for our churches as we come back and share about Japan.  Samaritan's Purse has been very pleased with our work, and each one of us is invited to come back as soon as the Lord would lead us.  Pray for more workers to come and continue the work that is being done. 

Each day we see and hear the reports of the love that is being shared and the relationships being formed between the workers and the home owners, and then from that the relationship between the home owners and the local church that is starting to grow here.  

You know, one more prayer request. Sorry for so many. I am kinda burdened for all the staff here.  They are kind of like their own little family away for their family.  Many of them have been here from 2 months to 6 months and will continue to stay on till March.  They all are seeking the Lord. They love to work for his glory, and alot of them don't really have a clue what they will do after this is over. They just want to serve the Lord however he leads them.  So please pray for the staff that God will continue to be their strength and that he will give them sweet times during the holidays coming up. 

Alright! Will be seeing the USA soon!

Billy  Jackson

Please remember to pray for my computer! I really would like to have my video and photos of the trip back. I had plans for them.


Also Happy Thanksgiving everyone! (Including you people in Japan! :-)  I will be praying for all you guys in Japan that you will have a very blessed Thanksgiving.  I think it is cool that for some of you it will be your first time.

Sorry there are no pictures or video for this post.  Once I get things sorted on my computer I will try to get back to video editing. Pray for that to please. The video news package for my collage class is due next Tue. My instructor has graciously given me more another week or two after that though.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Last week in Japan

It is getting close. Our time here in Japan is running out.  We are all wanting to work longer and work our best because we want to see these families helped and we know we have limited time the we personally get to help.

We started a new house today and finish the third house that we have worked on. The new house is right across the driveway from the other one and the families are related.  Again, please pray that we go out strong.  

I have not been able to keep up with the pictures but I will post the ones I have ready.  The video I am working on will take me longer than I want it to so I am not sure when it will be ready.  

We are now not sure if we will be able to have a house dedication (of one of our houses) before we leave.  

Did I tell you guys how great the people working here are?  All the people here young and old are using their various talents to spread the gospel and bring glory to the Lord.  There are gifted, hard working, crazy people here.

Ok here are some pictures.

 The Circles mark houses that the Steppin' Out team has done. The number 57 house is the one we just completed today. If you click the map you can see you can see on google the location of the last house we worked on. At least as close as I can guess.

 The lady in the middle is the home owner of the second house we did. She is here sharing her story of the Tsunami along with her father and mother.
 The Father is a retired whale fisherman. 
 Morning Sunrise on the way to work

 A cook out at the local church. The building was just recently finished by Samaritan's Purse workers (I believe the last Steppin' Out team helped with this)

 Eating Lunch at the work site. This is Daniel. He helps head up the volunteer mud out crews.
 This is the house we just finished today. It is great that the next house is so close because the home owner here still brings us coffee! And today was a very windy cold day.
 This is Bruce. (he has a blog too) The newest member of our team. There should be a separate post by itself but time does not suffice.
This is Hero. Our head cook. He cooks very good food.
I would like you to take note of this room as well. Every other night or so we transform the space by the back door (where the two tables are) into our ping pong area.

And this is Hesedel who is the assistant cook. She cooks very good food too, even though she does eat raw squid from time to time. (LOL! you have to watch the fishing video) 

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Video Update from Japan

OK, up till now I have been taking both video and photos but focusing on getting the photos on the blog. Now I am going to switch focus and start putting together Video updates.  The reason for this is that I have to have a News package ready for my collage course when I get back. So even though I still have more awesome pictures I want to show you all, I need to not kid myself thinking I can get the whole news package ready on the plane ride back.  I think you guys will like the video updates though.  I am not as skilled in this profession (video) but I am definitely enjoying myself with it.

So this first video I put together last night.  It is all footage from our first full day in Japan.
Watch the video and enjoy. But then if you have questions ask. The videos seem to generate more questions than the photos.

Now I might be jumping around a little bit with these video updates.  Today for instens I went fishing out in a fishing boat. It was Sugoi! (Awesome!)  There were all kinds of fish, and squid, and eel, and crab, and puffer fish!  Then the fishermen took us back to their fisher hut and cooked them up for us! They kept the salmon and market fish and cooked up the less valuable fish. It was a crazy experience! Just wait for the video. You won't believe your eyes.

Quick Update

I'm going fishing this morning! In a fishing boat, without fishing poles! It is going to be awesome! I am taking my camera so we will see what I can get.
Also we are planning to play soccer today at the local school here. We have permission from the school to use it from 1:00pm-3:00pm. Please pray that that goes well!

Also! Stay tuned for my first video update! It should be posted later today.

God bless! Sorry for such a hurried post.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Pictures From Japan

This guy's name is Rick. He reminds me of Brig Jones.

This day was my turn to help the delivery truck deliver all the supplies to the different teams.
There were many supplies to be delivered. Also there were many tools in the cab of the truck. So I rode in the bed of the truck and held down all the materials. (wait till you see the video I got)

Finding places in Japan is much the same as finding places in the USA. 

We use google maps... (this link will show you where we stayed, and where we worked each day.)

Cell phones...

and of course a good driver always helps. These guys are pros. Its fun watching them work (and fun working with them when I'm not watching lol!)

Unloading and loading a lot!

This is Maoto (known as Mao) and part of his family. Mao has been an awesome God given member of our team, and it was great to get to meet his mother and and brother and sister who stopped by to visit. They live about 5 hours south of where we work, but had been up for a few days volunteering at another base.  Mao's mother has a distinctly more American accent to her English than Mao does.(at least to my mind)

A dead fish next to the house where we were working.

We pass this bridge every evening on the way home. There is almost always a beautiful sunset.

There were some Billy Graham chaplains at the base Sunday. They helped us worship the Lord together, and we had communion together as well. They were a blessing.

Mao is being translator for the day at devotion time

The Big House is finished! (and our little adventure)(.. which we were rescued from)

Today we started a new house AND we finally got to meet the owner of the house we just finished yesterday.  We got to sit down and hear story about what happen to her and her family when the Tsunami hit.  I took video and audio recording so hopefully I will be able to tell a little of the story once I put it together.  Once again John was able to share the gospel both the home owner and her parents.  It was wonderful. 

We are still waiting to have the dedication for the first house we finished. Now we have two dedications to do. At the dedication the local pastor shares the gospel again (and this time without an interpreter), and we give them a Bible. I can not wait! I hope we will be able to have both dedications before we leave.  

I have pictures of the family, Kobayshi San so that I don't have to keep saying home owners, that I took today and will soon put on the Picasa web albums.  

Now, with John's permission I would like to show a few pictures from our story last Saturday.
Sorry there are so many pictures but I didn't have much else to do and the situation was kinda funny. 

So there we were stranded in the middle of who knows where (actually John might be able to tell you but I had no clue), and hour from the base, no translator because it was Sat. (day off for all those who want it), and the van had quit before we had got a hundred feet from the Gas station we had just filled up at.

 We were waiting for help.  By the providence of God there were two men from the base about 20 minutes from us. 

John had called them, explained their predicament, and they were supposedly on their way to save us.
 While we were waiting for them to come get us we waited.

...and waited

and waited... actually we didn't have to wait all that long. It's just that we really couldn't do anything to help while we waited. 

 And Help Arrives!

So while we were trying to siphon out all the diesel the John had inadvertently put in our gas tank, oh yeah we found out that the green pump mean diesel. It's the red pump that puts gas in the van.  We also found out  that the smell test does not always work in Japan. So back to us trying to siphon the diesel (I say trying because we only got 30 of the 52 litters of diesel out), we were doing our best (actually Justin and John were. The rest of us were watching) when finally someone from the gas station came over with a person that could speak English. They looked at our receipt and confirmed our fear. We had put diesel in the tank. 

In John's defense, up  till now all the gas stations that we had stopped at there was a station attendant there to pump the gas for us and at this station there was no one there to help (the pump itself wouldn't stop talking in Japanese John said)

So we pushed the van back across the street to the station.

 and there while the station guy drained the rest of the diesel Justin told about his previous experiences with Stepping Out accidents (such as a cracked windshield)

Then we pushed the van back to the pump...

Were the station guy instructed us in the proper use of the pump. 

So the question is... "How many gringos (yes "gringos" is a word in use here) does it take to fill a gas tank?"
The answer is "Well... it only takes one to fill it with diesel"

 And then the van started! 


There are a whole bunch of pictures of other stuff I will show in the next post.  Many of them are just random pictures from the day. 

Here are the links to the last couple albums I've uploaded