Saturday, October 29, 2011

Second day of Work in Japan

I am hoping that through the pictures and my random comments everyone will eventually get a pretty good idea of whats going on.  You may have to put the different post stuff together in order to understand some stuff.

This was my second email to my church

"Hello Church family!

We made very good progress on the house we are working on. Tomorrow we want to do more talking with the house owners Kato San to find out their story on the Tsunami. I can't really share everything from each day but I will try to share a little bit.  Right now we are having our sharing time. We have that everyday after dinner. 
We worked very hard today (at least I know I did!). I spent an hour or two (felt like half the day!) crawling around in the craw space beneath the house (they say I am the youngest and most limber). I only took a few pictures but also got some good video clips I think.

Some of the pictures I uploaded today are from the first days work.  In some of them you can see the mountains of trash and the piles of cars and the houses that are barely standing in the ruins (even 6 months later!).

In the pictures I just noticed there are several photos of people unloading a truck. This was my only excuse to not be in there unloading with them LOL! (I did help)  These pictures are taken at the supply shed.  Me and our translator for the day had gone back to the shed to get 28 sheets of drywall. Then, after we got them, another van pulled up so we helped the guy load his drywall, BUT THEN the supply truck pulled up with ALL the drywall sheets, plywood, and foam for the shed so we had to unload all that.

Brock, the head guy for this base, is a really cool guy. Maybe I will try to share a little of his testimony next time (he shared it this morning). He used to play football for Gary Pinkle before me was at Mizzu. 

See You all! I got to go play some ping pong!

Billy Jackson"

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