Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Rockport Family Camp Video

Rockport's first ever family camp was a blast!  The idea has been floating around for a while to do something like this, but it took Bro Bob Schembre and Amy Lee's combined efforts and "step up to the plate make it happen" attitude to actually get it done.  So much thanks to both of them! And to everyone else that helped. Hopefully next year it will be even better with even more people involved. Now that the path has been forged the delegation of tasks and projects can be more easily done.

"Bro! That was awesome! Lets get some more of that!"

So I hope you enjoy the video!  Hope to see you at next years family camp! And that God's blessing will continue to pour down on us!

If any of you watch it a second or third time for some reason could you tell me whether you think it would be better if it were shorter?  (Just trying to improve my editing skills :-)


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