Monday, October 17, 2011


Manfrotto Monopod 561bhdv

I am pumped today! In one week from today I will be on a plane headed to Tokyo Japan.  I already have as much stuff packed as possible.  I got some new stuff that I ordered for this trip.  Last Fri a brand new Manfrotto-561BHDV-1-Fluid-Video-Monopod arrived via FedEx, and just today a new external hard drive arrived to hold all the awesome video I'm going to capture. On top of new toys tools and an exciting trip ahead going to see the movie Courageous  for the first time today definitely added to the sweetness.  I highly recommend the movie (recommend  is actually to weak a word for it). It was very moving and really helps drive home a weakness that is very apparent in this country and in this world today. Especially fathers and young men should see it.  Now if you think all this is enough to make a great day I still have two more things to add to that! THE CARDINALS ARE GOING TO THE WORLD SERIES! sorry :-) just had to throw that out there because it is so awesome that they have gotten this far (far beyond anywhere we expected them to get to).  

OK, and now about this trip to Japan.  So a few weeks ago a man named Joel Corey came to our church and shared about a mission trip opportunity in Japan with Samaritan's Purse.  Joel and Steppin' Out Missions have partnered with Samaritan's Purse as part of a project to repair as many damaged homes in Japan as possible before the winter months. Thousand (maybe millions) of homes were damaged and destroyed in the Tsunami that hit Japan.  In many of these houses have families now moved back into them though they are in no way prepared for the cold and wet weather that is coming.  Not only that but some of these homes were flooded on the lower level and so for now the families are living in the second level while their bottom level remains in ruins.  So Joel explained about this need and about how Samaritan's Purse is sponsoring workers who are willing and ready to go NOW!  Not only that but for those who are willing to stay at least a month airfare will be covered as well! "Amazing!" is what I was thinking.  After checking with my dad to make sure he would be able to find another assistant to take my place on wedding days (Thank you Matt Fells!) and explaining to my instructor at Jeffco that I would be mission about a month of classes (he was very gracious especially after he heard why and he is going to work with me to help me get the projects done. He's actually letting me do my video news package that I'm supposed to do with the class in Japan! Thank you Matt Keeney!) I was all in! It is a three month project and I along with Gray Northcutt who goes to my church, and two other men will be joining up with the workers who are already there for the last month.  I am really looking forward to all the opportunities ahead!  Awesome christian fellowship, on the job training and instruction, improving my construction skills (bought my first tool belt Sat. it was on the to bring list), getting more experiences in missions and the different methods of missions (this will be my longest mission trip so far), the opportunity to get some good photos and to further explore the world of video production (I actually have to get something and put it together to pass my class. Good motivation :-), AND just being able to watch God work in more amazing ways. Thinking about all this gets me more and more excited plus these things have long term benefits for my future service to the Lord!

So they say that we will have internet access while we are there (at least some kind of access that is) but that is in doubt because our team may be called on to open up a new operating base (did I mention that we will be housing army camp style? Well not really but kinda), but whatever the case I will do my best to give some kind of updates every so often.

Two more completely awesome things that have happened to me recently are the Get in Motion Tour and my first studio shoot at Jeffco. I am starting to see an improvement in my video skills and in grasp of the knowledge needed to produce good videos.
OHH! and also my church just had its first ever Family Camp! It was great! I did not take my camera because I was helping in other ways, but I collected video and photos from people afterwards and am now working on putting a video together. Here is a sneak peek... 

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