Saturday, October 29, 2011

I am in Japan!

I am in Japan with Samaritan's Purse! Working on homes damaged by the Tsunami that hit Japan back in the spring of this year. Many homes have been damaged beyond repair or have just been COMPLETELY demolished! But the homes that can be repaired, those that are still structurally sound, we are fixing.  For us this means going in and repairing the subfloor, putting in installation, doing drywall (a pain! They don't use mud! you have to make the joints fit flush!), and lost of other stuff. This is after the mud-out team comes through and cleans out all the refuse (dead fish, seaweed, worse stuff), clears the rotten wood away, and bleach the whole place (there is alot more to it. I over simplify).

Now I don't have a whole lot of time to spend so I am going post some of the email updates I have sent to my church.

"Hello everyone!

We have safely made it to the Samaritan's Purse base and have made it through our first day of work.  So far every experience and been new and awesome! We slept in a room with over 50 people last night. From our base site where we eat and sleep is about an hour and a half from the work site.  We just started on a new house today. We met the home owners and started putting insulation    Tomorrow we will start on the sub floor and stuff.  The guys I am working with including Gary are way better at carpentry than I am, but so far I think I am doing pretty good and what I'm told done.

Once we got to Tokyo on the plane we staid the night in a hotel where we met up with about 13 other SP people. Then the next day we took off for Tome where our base station is.  There were some very cool SP people that helped us along the way after we got off the plane. They already had the rooms reserved for us, had our train tickets for us, and showed us where to go all the way to the camp.  With out them there is no way we could have made it. (at least I would not have made it)

I have not taken many pictures so far. The first day I wanted to see what it was all like.  I took some on the way here though and you can see them if you click the link.  The other guys we are with are awesome people, and the base is run by people who really love the Lord.  

There are still many many new experiences ahead of us so keep praying for us, but with your prayers praise the Lord for the many many blessing he has given to us already!

By the way, we traveled on the train with people from all over North America (Canadians!) and now at the base we are with people from all over the World!

Love you all!   (Hey! Guess what! There is a ping pong table here! Praise the Lord again!)

Billy Jackson

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  1. My husband will be joining you guys in week! Bruce leaves Monday Nov. 7th and he is super excited to be a part of this fantastic mission opportunity. Praying for you all.