Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Silver Birch Ranch

Silver Birch Ranch Christian Family Homeschool Camp

The Most Awesome Camp in the WORLD!

For the last four years me and my family have gone up to White lake Wisconsin for Christian Family Homeschool Camp at Silver Birch Ranch.  I wish I could describe to you how great this camp is and why I love it so much.  Really I think it comes down to the people (though a great place to be helps too).  At this camp Christ is at the center and Christian values are shared all around, but there is also a shared value of Family.  At this camp my family is a normal sized family and a normal looking family.  That is not the usual when you number 10 people in your family.  Now if you are not part of a homeschool family you may at this point be thinking that this camp is probably filled with a bunch of weird whack people, BUT if you came to this camp I think you would find the opposite.  For three days I get to be surrounded by a community that has an enthusiasm for life whether that be playing basketball, working on a project, singing together, or making friends.  This is the place where I actually want to clap as loud as I can when its time to clap (we have an awesome talent night each year), this is the place that led my family into English Country dancing, and this is where I first thought of the idea that photography might be useful on the mission field. And so in a round about way this blog was started because I went to this Silver Birch Ranch.  Don Shire spoke last year. He is a missionary trumpet player.  Trust me. He's an awesome guy.  www.donshire.com

Now, I could go on all day telling you stories and how great Silver Birch is but... I quickly grow weary of words.  That's why I use pictures. Right? And video. Right?  Well this year I did not bring my camera.  I was to greedy for my time there to give up any to capture it.  So you all are going to have to wait till next year to see how glorious this place is.  I promised myself that I will be unselfish and dedicate time to recording these memories for myself and others.  Meanwhile I have a few pictures from last year I can show to you who haven't seen them yet, and I have a video that I put together to show at the talent night of the camp.

Make me an Instrument
OK there seems to be a problem with the video.  I will work on that.

As a final note. If anyone wants me to talk more about Silver Birch Ranch... Just Ask!

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